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GengisCon Update 1 — February 4, 2018

GengisCon Update 1

GengisCon is 2 weeks away and I’ve been painting like mad to get everything finished. I’ve finished a couple big units so I mostly have smaller units left to paint. And one big unit left to assemble and paint.

I also got my first test game in. I’ve played ~1 game with Orks in 8th edition so far so this was my 2nd and I learned a lot.

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Preparing for GengisCon — January 18, 2018

Preparing for GengisCon

A month or so I signed up for a 40k tournament at GengisCon. I signed up before the tournament rules were posted and started working on my army. The official rules were just posted and now I see the mistake.

Points: 1750


  • Battalion Detachment ONLY. No other detachment may be selected, and armies must be battle forged.
  • Matched play rules will be in effect, including adjustments made in Chapter Approved. Beta matched play rules will also be in effect.
  • Models must have 4 colors of paint, minimum.

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How I Paint My Orks — August 15, 2017

How I Paint My Orks

If you’ve been following my Instagram you might have seen that I’ve been working on Orks for the past few weeks. I got a squad of gretchin painted up as well as some Killa Kans. I’ll be posting pictures of those soon enough but I wanted to start with how I paint my Orks.

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Imperial Fists Army Hits 2,000 Points — April 2, 2017

Imperial Fists Army Hits 2,000 Points

It’s been a year & a half (technically 547 days) since I created my paint scheme for Imperial Fists. And I now have a fully painted 2,000 point army! I’ve only ever painted a full 2,000 points once before with my Nurgle Daemons.

I’m pretty impressed I’ve been able to stay on track and get stuff painted. It’s helped to have an escalation league and also challenge myself to 30 days of painting.

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Using Glazes for Flames — January 9, 2017

Using Glazes for Flames

I’ve always been a big fan of edge highlighting. And when I was painting my Legion of the Damned I knew I could paint from red to yellow with multiple thin layers. But I wanted to try something new so I gave the Games Workshop glazes a try.

I painted the the flames with three steps:

  • Paint the flames Flash Gits Yellow.
  • Glaze the bottom 50% Bloodletter Glaze & wait for it to dry
  • Glaze the bottom 20% Bloodletter Glaze

Pretty easy and the transition is very smooth. I really liked how easy they were to apply. I’ll have to try a few more glazes moving forward.

Game Plan for 2017 — January 2, 2017
How I Paint the Sector Imperialis — December 28, 2016

How I Paint the Sector Imperialis


A few months ago Games Workshop released the Sector Imperialis bases. They come in all sorts of sizes and they look pretty darn good with a mixture of dirt & city scape.

Sector Imperialis Box art
Sector Imperialis Box art

I’m a big fan of unique bases so I picked up a set and added them to my Legion of the Damned. And with just 5 paints they look pretty darn good. Here’s how I painted mine:

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