My Nurgle Daemon army – The Hemorrhagic Fever of the Blighted Pit consists entirely of Nurgle models just under 3000 points.


My general, Scabeiathrax, is the lord of the Blighted Pit — one of Papa Nurgle’s great plague pits.  There are few stories of the lord of the Blighted Pit as there rarely are survivors.  But there are tell tale signs he has recently visited a place: the blackened footprints where no vegetaion will ever grow again, the puddles of toxic waste that pollute entire water tables, the exaggerated aging of non organic matter, and of course the sky blackened out with the swarm of flies that eat the flesh from the infected rotting corpses.

Army List

My full list includes:

  • Scabeiathrax
  • Epidemius
  • Kugath
  • Naga (Herald of Nurgle)
  • Herald of Nurgle on palanquin
  • 60+ Plaguebearers
  • 10 Nurgling swarms
  • 2 Daemon Princes of Nurgle
  • Mamon – Forgeworld Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Paint Scheme

plaguebearer and commanddaemon prince of nurgleScabeiathrax