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How to Paint Zombie Grey Knights — March 9, 2012

How to Paint Zombie Grey Knights

I’ll be honest, I doubt there will be a lot of people that are going to be interested in learning how to paint zombie Grey Knights; it isn’t exactly the most common army out there. But you should be able to use the principles in this tutorial to get a really simple silver, gold, and red scheme down.

This tutorial was conceptualized and written by my friend Mike and edited by myself.

Onto the Painting Instructions!

Step 1: Prime all models with Army Painter Platemail Metal.

Step 2: Wash all parts of the model you wish to be silver with Devlan Mud. I used a fairly liberal application of this stuff so that it gets in all of the recesses.

Zombie Grey Knight 1 Primed

Step 3: After the wash has dried go back over the large flat surfaces with Boltgun Metal. If you don’t get all areas it’s OK as it just makes the model extra dirty. Now, fill in the areas that will be gold with Dwarf Bronze. Don’t worry about getting it perfect the next step will take care of the rest. Just make sure to get all of the raised surfaces like the letters on the shoulder pad.

Zombie Grey Knight 3 Gold 2

Step 4: Fill in the gold areas with a Devlan Mud wash. Just fill in the area completely so that it surrounds the letters. The raised surfaces do the job for you. I took a picture while it was still wet so you can see what I mean.

Zombie Grey Knight 4 Devlan Mud

That’s all there really is to the main parts of the model. The rest is really up to you how you wish to do the details.

Onto the Details!

Books: Mechrite red cover w/white on the pages. Wash entire book with Devlan Mud.

Purity Seals: Mechrite Red wax, white scroll. Wash with Devlan Mud. Highlight Wax w/ blood red.

Bolter: Mechrite Red with gold details.

Blood Effects: I used a clear red paint with chestnut ink to darken it up. Then once dried went over with a gloss varnish to make it look wet. Here is the finished product.

Zombie Grey Knight 6 Finished Pair

Zombies in Space — November 5, 2011

Zombies in Space

To celebrate Halloween my friendly local game store ran a special zombie game for 40k. The store set out 3 Space Hulk sets and built a massive space hulk board. I wrote down a little bit about each scenario but you can just scroll through the gallery it will be pretty obvious. Forgive the picture quality, I didn’t have the foresight to steal my buddy Jeff’s camera so I had to use my cellphone camera.

The Rules

  • You must bring 1 troop choice up to 150 pts.
  • No vehicles, and nothing that has a prerequisite.
  • For every 10 models (rounded up) you may upgrade one model to a technician for +5 points.
  • Ignore minimum squad sizes
  • Template weapons are at +1 str because of the confined space

My List

I decided to use the Deathwatch because who better to clean a space hulk full of zombies? I went with a Space Wolf list because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use Combat Tactics. As it turns out I could have used it and Combat Tactics would have been very useful to get away from zombies.
  • 8 Grey Hunters
    • Flamer
    • Mark of the Wulfen

Game 1

The objective of this game was to turn on both secondary generators and then turn on the primary generator. Everyone is on the same team. The secondary generators also control the primary functions on the ship like gravity and lights. In game terms this translated into having to walk through difficult terrain and not being able to see farther than 12″.

We had about 18 players with a wide variety armies and no clear leader to direct different people to do different tasks-perfect for a zombie game. Greg and I deployed on the bottom right side of the map next to another Space Marine player. We were closest to one of the secondary generators so we knew we would have to turn that on and then maybe get the primary generator if someone else doesn’t.

Only a few players were totally wiped off the board by the end of the game but most players took some loses and close calls. Great game.

Game 2

The objective is to get off the space hulk because it is tearing apart. In the center of the board was a giant room with a teleporter. The team with the highest percentage of their models off wins. Lucky for me is that Greg and I were on the same team so we were able to strategize and get some leadership for our team.

I managed to get off one model and several other team members also managed to get off one model.

On one of the last turns of the game an opposing player played a card that changed Greg to the other team giving the other team a much higher model count than ours. Despite the fact that they got 4 models off compared to our 3 we had a higher percentage off. I’m pretty happy that one of the three models to get off was a Deathwatch marine who is likely to report back to the Watch Fortress and alert command to clean up any left over zombies.


TLDR; just show us some darn photos!