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First Imperial Fists Tactical Squads — September 24, 2015

First Imperial Fists Tactical Squads

It was over a month ago when I posted my test model. It takes a lot of effort to finish two squads of marines but I got it done. I tweaked the paint job and I have a few more tweaks in mind for future squads. But first… some photos.


Photo credit Michael Arestad.

Painting Technique


Basing was done with Games Workshop sand. Games Workshop static grass. And it was painted with Mournfang Brown drybrushed with Zamesi Desert.


I’ve updated the metal technique a bit. I didn’t think the black base coat was useful and I wanted a bit more depth so I added a wash.

  1. Basecoat Leadbelcher with a small base brush
  2. Wash Nuln Oil with a small layer layer brush
  3. Highlight Runefang Steel with a small layer brush


I painted gold on a few bolters & on top of the sergeant’s banners.

  1. Base Balthasar Gold
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil
  3. Highlight with Gehenna’s Gold

Skin Tone

One of my sergeant’s has his helmet removed so I had to paint some skin.

  1. Base with Bugman’s Glow
  2. Wash with Reikland Fleshshade
  3. Highlight with Cadian Fleshtone


The generic missiles (the ones in the backpack) are Khorne Red.

The extra missiles were three different colors schemes.

  1. Caliban Green followed by Moot Green
  2. Genestealer Purple
  3. Khorne Red followed by Squig Orange

Grav Gun

The grav guns were really fun to paint. They have a bit of a Necron-y feel since there’s green in the cracks of the weapon.

  1. Paint the areas around the cracks Leadbelcher
  2. Paint Caliban Green in the cracks
  3. Paint Moot Green in the cracks
  4. Fix all of the mistakes with Leadbelcher
  5. Wash the cracks and the silver around the cracks with Waywatcher Green

The last step will give the whole metal gun a greenish tint.

Coming Up Next…

Now that I have two tactical squads they have to have something to ride in! I’ll be building and assembling two rhinos so these guys can ride in style. I’m hoping the yellow will be easier to paint since it’s a vehicle and I can use a big brush. That will save a TON of time. 🙂

15,000 Apocalypse Game — September 30, 2010

15,000 Apocalypse Game

My gaming group played a massive Apoc game this weekend. 15,000 pts of Eldar VS 15,000 pts of Space Marines and Sisters of Battle.

Army Lists

The Eldar team planned to have one player who brought all of the heavy hitters and the other two players (myself and bob) would bring all of the smaller things like the troops and aspect warriors, needed to score the objectives and take the enemy off of theirs.

The Imperium team decided to go with a similar tactic. There was one Space Marine player (you may know him as Land Raider guy) who brought mostly heavies with a few land raiders and troops as well as a Blood Angel and a Sisters player that brought most of the infantry and regular 40k vehicles.

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Deathwatch Test Minis — September 19, 2010

Deathwatch Test Minis

I completed the first three Deathwatch test minis. I completed a Blood Angel, a Black Templar, and a Space Wolf.

I worked on the bases a little bit by adding some static grass. The browns turned out too similar so for future bases I will add more contrast to the bases. I also worked on the black armor. I didn’t like how drastic the highlight was in the first test model so I added more of the middle grey color (Fenris Grey). I also had to paint flesh and eyes. These are the first eyes I have ever painted that didn’t turn out like googly eyes.

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