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Imperial Fists Test Model — August 21, 2015

Imperial Fists Test Model

For the last week or so I’ve been working on test model for my upcoming Imperial Fists. I took a lot of inspiration from How to Paint Citadel Miniatures: Space Marines book. Here he is:

Imperial Fists Tactical Marine
My first Imperial Fists tactical marine.

Paint Scheme


  1. Basecoat Averland Sunset with a small base brush
  2. Wash the recesses with Reikland Fleshshade with a small layer brush
  3. Highlight with Ushabti Bone with a small layer brush


  1. Basecoat Abaddon Black with a small base brush
  2. Highlight Dawnstone with a small layer brush


  1. Basecoat Abaddon Black with a small base brush
  2. Layer Leadbelcher with a small base brush
  3. Highlight Runefang Steel with a small layer brush

Red Trim

  1. Basecoat Khorne Red with a small base brush
  2. Highlight Squig Orange with a small layer brush


  1. Basecoat Caliban Green with a small layer brush
  2. Layer Moot Green with a small layer brush


Now that this guy is done I’m ready to paint my first tac squad. There’s a lot of really rough highlights that I need to work on. I’d like to have starker contrasts so really let the Reikland Fleshshade go deep into the crevices. I don’t love the double highlight on the shoulder pad rims. I will probably put the highlight on just one side of the rim. But overall I like the yellow and the way these guys are turning out. 🙂

Test Tau Paint Scheme on a Fire Warrior — July 25, 2012

Test Tau Paint Scheme on a Fire Warrior

I’ve always been a fan of the Tau. There is something so cool about them being only good guys out there. I actually had a Tau army years back and I sold it to a friend when he was starting out. I’ve been thinking about some different armies and I think I might pick up the Tau. I’m starting with just a few models to make sure I like the paint scheme and we’ll see where it goes from there.


Paint Scheme

  • Spray White
  • Lightly wash white armor with Nuln Oil
  • Paint fabric (pants, under shirt) Abbadon Black
  • Paint red areas (eyes, gun sight, tip of antenna, tau symbol) with Khorne Red
  • Paint armor plates White Scar.
    • Or use Ceramite White if you need to cover another color
  • Highlight the black areas with Eshin Gray and then Dawnstone
  • Highlight the red with Evil Sunz Scarlet


There are a few things that I’m thinking about improving. I want to paint the base brown. I want to add a little dust to the fire warrior’s feet. I want to change up Tau symbol on his shoulder pad (maybe a tan color?). And I want to add those cool slim line markings on the gun and maybe the armor. I also might want to highlight the red with another color.

Anything else?

First Deathwatch Squad — November 4, 2010

First Deathwatch Squad

I finished my first Deathwatch Squad and here there are in all their glory.


It sure it nice to finish a squad I started over two months ago! I can’t believe how long these guys took me, but looking at the minis I am glad that I took my time;  I think that the Deathwatch came out really well. I like the striking black and red paint scheme throughout the squad as well as the unique bright shoulder pads on individual models. The small conversions also make the Deathwatch look a little more elite than the standard marine especially the running legs from the assault marine box.  Those legs make them much more aggressive and dynamic.

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Deathwatch Test Model — August 26, 2010

Deathwatch Test Model

Hello there,

I have been working on a few deathwatch test models: a Blood Angel, Space Wolf, and a Black Templar. Here is the first of the test models (a Blood Angel in case you can’t tell). I think the red and white colors from the Blood Angel heraldry contrast well with the black and silver of the Deathwatch. I wanted to work more with highlights and challenge myself to not use washes or drybrushing; this is quite the challenge since the last army I painted, my Nurgle Daemon Army, is practically all washes and dry brushing.

Deathwatch Marine

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Scabeiathrax Painted — July 24, 2010

Scabeiathrax Painted

Well it took a few weeks but I finished Scabeiathrax.  I love the small details on the model: the maggots, the nurgling hand in the intestines, and the nurgling sitting on the base grabbing the intestines.  I didn’t use the Devlan Mud and he turned out a bit greener than the rest of my army which isn’t so grand but the paint job does look a lot cleaner.

As a final detail I put white (dead) grass around his torso and green grass on the edges of the base.  I tried to show that he was sucking the life out of the ground around him but there just isn’t enough contrast between the two colors of grass.  I should have used black grass instead of the white grass.

My Nurgle Daemon Paint Scheme — July 2, 2010