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Strategies Against Genestealer Cult — December 11, 2016

Strategies Against Genestealer Cult

Everyone in the 40k world is talking about the Genestealer Cult and how amazing they are. They have a powerful ability to appear anywhere on the board. And there’s a chance they can even assault after being placed.

Pretty strong right?

In missions where you have to capture┬árandom objectives all over the board they’re really strong. But in missions where you only have 2 objectives their ability to be placed on the board becomes so much less powerful. And you can take advantage of their weaknesses.

I just played against them for the first time and I thought I’d share some tactics that worked well.

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Escalation League – 500pt Imperial Fists vs Iron Hands — December 12, 2015

Escalation League – 500pt Imperial Fists vs Iron Hands

So we’ve finally made it to the first game of the league. I had to paint up a grav cannon, an HQ, and two rhinos (more pictures coming later). I got everything done but I did forget to paint a bolt pistol for my sergeant – doh! It’s magnetized so I only need to paint up a bolt pistol hand and magnetize it.

Onto the game!

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