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Adepticon 2012 Results — April 29, 2012

Adepticon 2012 Results

Adepticon 2012 is over and the results are in! I didn’t post many WIP pictures because this year was a blur and everything was down to the wire. We didn’t even finish our army till Thursday night! Let me start by saying that this was the best Adepticon by far. I had an absolute blast playing and even though there were games where I got 0 battle points I had fun the entire time.
We officially got 84th place out of 116 teams which is right around the ~72nd percentile.
  • Overall – 199
  • Battle – 68 – The highest scoring team got close to 200 points and it is possible to get 240. This is the area my team could improve the most. I know I totally effed up the last game and got 0 points because I read a list wrong. For next year I actually want to just have more experience playing the game so I know what a Death Company squad can do without finding out the hard way.
  • Sports – 15 – We got dinged one point in one game. Not bad at all. We must be awesome peeps to play against. 🙂
  • Commander Heads – 17 – On average you score 16 points so we did just a pinch above average. We managed to keep our commanders alive and kill the opponents. This is pretty good especially considering we didn’t do so well battlewise.
  • Command Counters – 15 – Just a touch below the average score of 16. I think we used our counters well. As stated earlier it is hard to keep your counters alive when you are losing so I think we still did pretty good.
  • Theme – 43 – We got 43 out of 60 possible points. This sounds pretty bad if you scored this on a test but it is actually really good. We got 39th out of 116 when it came to theme; ~33rd percentile. Thanks to Jeff and Gerry for pushing us the extra step and making us do more than just Grey Knights.
  • Paint – 48 – Awesome! 48 out of 60 points is really great. 21st place which is the ~18th percentile. Once again thanks to Jeff for his awesome conversion. Thanks to Mike for his paint schemes that looked really good and were fast and easy to do. Gerry you get thanks for the lava bases. How is lava not cool?
  • Spirit – 0 – Ok, an area for improvement next year. I loved Kebek II’s dog tags. We should do that and more next year.
  • Quiz – 8 – I think this was all Gerry. Well done good sir.

Adepticon Pics

Most of these were taken by my friend Jeff Swiggum. Enjoy the pics – there are lots of gorgeous armies out there.

How to Paint Zombie Grey Knights — March 9, 2012

How to Paint Zombie Grey Knights

I’ll be honest, I doubt there will be a lot of people that are going to be interested in learning how to paint zombie Grey Knights; it isn’t exactly the most common army out there. But you should be able to use the principles in this tutorial to get a really simple silver, gold, and red scheme down.

This tutorial was conceptualized and written by my friend Mike and edited by myself.

Onto the Painting Instructions!

Step 1: Prime all models with Army Painter Platemail Metal.

Step 2: Wash all parts of the model you wish to be silver with Devlan Mud. I used a fairly liberal application of this stuff so that it gets in all of the recesses.

Zombie Grey Knight 1 Primed

Step 3: After the wash has dried go back over the large flat surfaces with Boltgun Metal. If you don’t get all areas it’s OK as it just makes the model extra dirty. Now, fill in the areas that will be gold with Dwarf Bronze. Don’t worry about getting it perfect the next step will take care of the rest. Just make sure to get all of the raised surfaces like the letters on the shoulder pad.

Zombie Grey Knight 3 Gold 2

Step 4: Fill in the gold areas with a Devlan Mud wash. Just fill in the area completely so that it surrounds the letters. The raised surfaces do the job for you. I took a picture while it was still wet so you can see what I mean.

Zombie Grey Knight 4 Devlan Mud

That’s all there really is to the main parts of the model. The rest is really up to you how you wish to do the details.

Onto the Details!

Books: Mechrite red cover w/white on the pages. Wash entire book with Devlan Mud.

Purity Seals: Mechrite Red wax, white scroll. Wash with Devlan Mud. Highlight Wax w/ blood red.

Bolter: Mechrite Red with gold details.

Blood Effects: I used a clear red paint with chestnut ink to darken it up. Then once dried went over with a gloss varnish to make it look wet. Here is the finished product.

Zombie Grey Knight 6 Finished Pair

Draigowing Test Game — September 15, 2011

Draigowing Test Game

Hello there,

Now that my team has decided on which army we are playing with at Adepticon it is time to start thinking about lists. The first list I came up with is a Draigowing list. The whole idea behind the list is to have a super tough core unit of Paladins that can take and deal a ridiculous amount of damage. In shooting the two psycannons can blow apart any light transports with their str 7 heavy 4 guns. In close combat they can deal a ridiculous amount of damage with a banner (+1 attack) and a combination of power weapons, halberds, and hammers. The part where they really shine is in how much damage they can take. Each paladin has 2 wounds, a 2+/5++ save, and feel no pain. To top it all off each Paladin is equipped different so that I can maximize wound allocation.

The List

Draigo – 275

Paladin squad – 445
-master crafted psycannon / halberd
-master crafted psycannon / hammer
-apothecary / halberd
-storm bolter / brotherhood banner
-storm bolter / force stave

Vindicare – 145

Dreadnought – 135
-two twinlinked autocannons

total – 1000

First Test Game

So my first test game was against Gerry and I asked him to use a generic Ultramarines list. He came to the field with a couple Razorbacks; Tactical Squads with lascannons, meltaguns, sergeants with power weapons/fists; an assault squad with Chaplain Cassius; and a Landraider.

We played a scenario where you had to claim the most terrain pieces to claim victory. Gerry had a significant advantage because he had something like 8 units and I only had 4.

Grey Knights being Grey Knights meant that it was their job to overcome adversity and in case you didn’t already know this, they rock at their job. The Paladins weathered a hail of lascannon fire, several rounds of bolter fire, and an assault from the Chaplain & Assault Squad. In return the Paladins blew up two transports with their psycannons, shot one squad of Ultramarines off the table, destroyed the assault squad in melee, and blew up the Land Raider. Draigo broke off mid game and killed a squad on his own. The Dreadnought took some shots and blew up one transport and crippled another. The only unit which failed was the Vindicare who missed twice and failed his 2+ cover save and melted into a pile of slag from a lascannon shot.

I know I like the list quite a bit already. There are certainly some vulnerabilities like a demolisher cannon or  plasma cannons but I think the list is really versatile and fun. I am thinking about switching the Dreadnought for a Dreadknight and I do need to experiment with the Vindicare because he never even got a shot off which was just bad luck.

Fallen Grey Knights — September 1, 2011

Fallen Grey Knights

Hello there,

My gaming group has been brainstorming some ideas for Adepticon and we finally settled on an idea! We are totally digging the idea of fallen Grey Knights. The idea being that Chaos wants to mock the ultimate defenders of the human race so they corrupt them, steal their equipment, and even raise them from the dead and have them fight their allies! So the floor is pretty open for conversions, crazy paint jobs, and all sorts of other hobbying fun.

I know I wanted to make Grey Knights that were risen from the dead as zombies, we will see what other ideas my teammates come up with.

Fallen Grey Knight
My first zombie Grey Knight!

I started painting this guy a while ago but as far as I remember I used Boltgun Metal, Mithril Silver with a heavy green wash followed by a brown wash. The sword was the same metallics with a purple wash. The red was Mechrite Red with a Blood Red highlight, and the rest was details.

We are still thinking of an official name for our team but probably something along the lines of mockery or deception. Any thoughts?

Now we have to play test a few lists and see what we like.

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