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Imperial Fists Army Hits 2,000 Points — April 2, 2017

Imperial Fists Army Hits 2,000 Points

It’s been a year & a half (technically 547 days) since I created my paint scheme for Imperial Fists. And I now have a fully painted 2,000 point army! I’ve only ever painted a full 2,000 points once before with my Nurgle Daemons.

I’m pretty impressed I’ve been able to stay on track and get stuff painted. It’s helped to have an escalation league and also challenge myself to 30 days of painting.

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Kill Team Games Part 3 — January 11, 2011
Kill Team Games Part 2 — December 17, 2010
15,000 Apocalypse Game — September 30, 2010

15,000 Apocalypse Game

My gaming group played a massive Apoc game this weekend. 15,000 pts of Eldar VS 15,000 pts of Space Marines and Sisters of Battle.

Army Lists

The Eldar team planned to have one player who brought all of the heavy hitters and the other two players (myself and bob) would bring all of the smaller things like the troops and aspect warriors, needed to score the objectives and take the enemy off of theirs.

The Imperium team decided to go with a similar tactic. There was one Space Marine player (you may know him as Land Raider guy) who brought mostly heavies with a few land raiders and troops as well as a Blood Angel and a Sisters player that brought most of the infantry and regular 40k vehicles.

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