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Blood Bowl Season Final Thoughts — March 25, 2011
Blood Bowl Playoffs Finals (Guts Bowl) — March 17, 2011

Blood Bowl Playoffs Finals (Guts Bowl)

It is the ninth week and we are finally here – the last game of the season!

I am playing in the Guts Bowl and the winner gets to claim 3rd place. We had three games of Blood Bowl going simultaneously the main game to determine 1st and 2nd as well as the Guts Bowl to determine 3rd and one more game to determine 4th place.

I was lucky enough to play a player I missed during the season – I was able to play against Matt B. who I missed playing in week 5.

There are no special rules for the final game because we wanted to make the final match more about skill and less about wonky scenario rules.

As usual I am providing you with my starting roster, and since this is the end of the season here is my final roster after all of the leveling up. The store is having a two week mini campaign this summer in which we can use any previously created teams so you might see these gobbos again someday. Continue reading

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