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How I Paint My Orks — August 15, 2017

How I Paint My Orks

If you’ve been following my Instagram you might have seen that I’ve been working on Orks for the past few weeks. I got a squad of gretchin painted up as well as some Killa Kans. I’ll be posting pictures of those soon enough but I wanted to start with how I paint my Orks.

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The Fate of Konor: Week Two — August 8, 2017

The Fate of Konor: Week Two

If you play Warhammer you’ve probably heard about the Fate of Konor campaign going on this summer. You can play battles with your friends and log them at your local store.

The results of this campaign will affect the actual Warhammer 40,000 story. So if Chaos wins this campaign that will actually happen in the story. It feels pretty awesome to take part is shaping the universe.

My buddy Mark and I decided we wanted to take part. Due to previous commitments we couldn’t get a game in week 1 but we were able to play the 2nd week’s special mission.

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First Game of 8th Edition 40k — August 1, 2017
Only In Death — April 10, 2017

Only In Death

Last weekend I was able to play a game with my buddy Matt. And while we were at the store we bumped into Erik who was also looking for a game. So we made a 3 person game. Imperial Fists vs Space Wolves vs Word Bearers.


We deployed into quarters. With me and Erik deploying in opposite quarters. And Matt stuck in the middle.

I was able to use Cypher for the first time. And his infiltration rule was pretty useful to get me on the high ground sitting on an objective.

The Game

The game was pretty typical for a 1v1v1. The person in the middle (Matt playing the Space Wolves) was attacked by the other two players. We only shot a few shots at each other when it was convenient.

Erik sent his 20 man Chaos Space Marine squad and some cultists towards the Space Wolves line. And with his shooting he was able to take down two thunder wolves. Pretty impressive!

Terminators Attempt Long Charge
Terminators have to move forward and then attempt a 10″ charge through the woods!

On my turn I drew the tactical objective where I get a point for charging a squad. The only available target was the Wulfen (behind the forest). I moved forward but I needed a 10″ charge to get them.

Not surprisingly I didn’t get the charge off and I knew I’d take their charge the following turn.

Have you ever been charged by Wulfen? They’re nasty. Lots of AP2 attacks with really high strength. And a couple guys with storm shields to take your hits. The odds were against me. But since I just finished painting my Chaplain I was playing with him. And Imperial Fists have a neat piece of wargear called the Angel of Sacrifice.

It’s basically a crozius (standard equipment for chaplains) with one extra rule called Only In Death. Which lets you continue fighting until the end of the phase. Even if you die. So if you think a giant were wolf with frost claws is going to rip you in half this is a great piece of wargear because it let’s you get a swing in even if you are ripped in half (don’t ask how).

And I had another tactical objective to kill a character in a challenge. Perfect. So I called out the challenge and was promptly ripped to shreds with the rest of the terminator squad (yes Wulfen are that nasty). Luckily I was able to kill the wulfen sergent with my Chaplain in that challenge and get a victory point.

Note: I made a tactical mistake with how I rolled my saves. I should have taken them one at a time until the chaplain dies. Then they spill over into the squad. I took all 6 on my 4+ invulnerable and failed 4. That killed the chaplain and 2 terminators. Had I rolled until the chaplain died I might have been able to save a terminator or two with their better save.

Victory Short Lived

Unfortunately, even though I got a point the Wulfen continued to rip through my squads. I was able to get a pot shot off with a missile launcher at the Techmarine leading the Space Wolf force. I hit, I wounded, and he failed his 2+ armor save. With a huge bit of luck I killed his warlord.

Besides that. The tactical marines didn’t do much (other than be eaten by Wulfen).

Missile Launcher Firing
My missile launcher fires and kills the Space Wolf warlord!

On the other side of the field Cypher and his squad fight off a squad of cultists. I give props to Erik for sending cultists against a squad of space marines & Cypher. He wanted to get the objective they were sitting on but didn’t have enough troops to send this way.

Cypher Close Combat
Cypher fighting in close combat!

The End

In the end all of the players got 3 victory points. Matt & I killed each other’s warlord.

I have to give the victory to Matt for being in the middle. Fighting two opponents and getting the same number of victory points.

And I have to give Erik kudos. For sending a squad or two or cultists against Cypher. He knew he couldn’t take out Cypher + devastator squad but did it just for fun.

Great game. And definitely fun to play with two newly painted models: Cypher & Chaplain.

Imperial Fists Army Hits 2,000 Points — April 2, 2017

Imperial Fists Army Hits 2,000 Points

It’s been a year & a half (technically 547 days) since I created my paint scheme for Imperial Fists. And I now have a fully painted 2,000 point army! I’ve only ever painted a full 2,000 points once before with my Nurgle Daemons.

I’m pretty impressed I’ve been able to stay on track and get stuff painted. It’s helped to have an escalation league and also challenge myself to 30 days of painting.

Two Games

To celebrate I decided to play two games with my fully painted army. One against my good friend Mark with his new Thousand Sons. And one against Brian who has a really tough Eldar list.

The game against the Thousand Sons was pretty darn fun. They had to capture a number of objectives across the board. And as soon as they capture it it’s removed. They need to remove all objectives by the end of the game.

I ended up winning. But I think if Mark had Rhinos for his T-sons they could have threatened me so much earlier and he would have won.

The Eldar game on the otherhand was a massacre. I haven’t played Eldar in the new edition and they live up to their reputation. My opponent Brian had jetbikes with scatter lasers, a wraithkight, and wraiths with d-scythes. It was a lot of destroyer weaponry and I had very little anti-tank.

In one turn his jetbikes with scatter lasers killed all of my devastators. My terminators had to kill the wave serpent to get the stuff inside. I didn’t realize that the wraiths inside had d-weapons. They killed the whole squad the next turn. Didn’t even get to roll invulnerable saves. That’s how many 6’s he rolled. Ouch.

Against a list like this I’ll have to buy & bring more heavy hitters. This is a a good incentive to get a knight of my own. And maybe get a few more anti tank options in my other units. Still a pretty fun game. 🙂


My 2,000 Point List

I originally planned the following:

+ HQ +
Captain Lysander

+ Elites +
Centurion Devastator Squad
Dreadnought with Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod
Terminator Assault Squad

+ Troops +
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad

+ Fast Attack +
Stormtalon Gunship

+ Heavy Support +
Devastator Squad
Thunderfire Cannon

And I wound up with:

+ HQ +
Captain Lysander

+ Elites +
Terminator Assault Squad
Legion of the Damned

+ Troops +
Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad

+ Fast Attack +

+ Heavy Support +
Devastator Squad
Thunderfire Cannon
Contemptor Dreadnought

That’s pretty close. I didn’t get a Storm Talon. I purchased a 30k Vindicator but haven’t assembled or painted it quite yet. I found a cheap contemptor so I bought that and painted it up. And someone gave me a dreadnought (already painted).

So if you make a target list. Be prepared to let it change. You never know what is going to be released while you build your army (like a plastic contemptor). And as you build your army you’ll find your needs change.

Expanding the Army

I’ve found that my list is pretty good against MEQs (medium toughness high armor) lists. But it’s terrible against horde armies like Tyranids. So I’m looking at ways to get ignores cover shots into my list.

I don’t have a super heavy yet. I’ve started work on a Knight Titan but I’m not thrilled with the paint scheme so it’s on hold for right now.

I bought the Triumvirate of the Primarch primarily for Cypher. I was able to trade the Grey Knight and that leaves Guilliman. So I’ll be adding those two to my list. I realize Guilliman is the leader of the Ultramarines but it’s a primarch! Until they add Dorn (I’m assuming they will someday) I’d like to run with Guilliman occasionally.

I love Cypher and plan on painting him up. At some point I’ll get some Mk IV marines and combine with a Dark Angels Veterans squad to make a squad of fallen. I can load them up with plasma guns and infiltrate them into a ruin. With Cypher’s shrouded rule they should be pretty hard to remove.


Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought
The amazing Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought from Forge World

Earlier this year I wrote about wanting to pick up Custodes. I’ve made some progress painting the models I have but not quite as much as I want. I would probably hold off on getting Custodes but my good friend Mark got me the Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought for my birthday! I’m super pumped!

So I decided to pick up two squads of Custodes to go with this amazing Dreadnought. It’ll make a nice defense of Terra army.

Note: I’m posting this on April 2nd. But I actually finished my army and played games at the end of February (the 18th to be specific).

Imperial Fists vs Space Wolves — February 12, 2017

Imperial Fists vs Space Wolves

It’s been years since I fought Space Wolves. And that was in 5th edition. A new player came to the store today eager to play. And funny enough he hasn’t played since 5th edition either.

So we built 1,500 point lists. I selected an easy mission (Eternal War: Big Guns Never Die) and we started deploying.


The store manager at our Games Workshop has been working on a 2 by 2 board for kill team. A nice big tower to view basically the whole board. I play Imperial Fists – we have awesome devastator squads – so I had to take that side of the table.

Devastators on a tower
Devastators can see the entire table

I put terminators + Lysander on one flank. A my beefier tactical squad with a dreadnought on the other. And I held my Legion of the Damned in reserve.

The Space Wolf player deploys in cover and puts his terminators, thunder wolves, and wulfen on the side with my terminators. It’s going down.

Turn 1

I move my guys forward, take a couple pot shots, remove a couple models and that’s about it.

The Space Wolf player does what all Space Wolves do – charge!

He moved his wulfen, terminators, and thunder wolves up. The wulfen might get a charge but the thunder wolves look out of range.

Terminators, wulfen, thunder wolves, and space wolf terminators
My Imperial Fists terminators look at the oncoming wulfen, thunder wolf cavalry, & terminators. There’s no way they can take all of that.

He decides to charge my terminator squad with his thunder wolves and rolls box cars. He made a 12″ charge – wow!

The good news is that they get in the way of the wulfen. Making it harder for them to charge in. And they don’t make the distance – pfew.

Lysander fights thunderwolf cavalry
Terminators & Lysander fight the Thunderwolves.

Amazingly enough the Thunder wolves only kill 3 terminators. I rolled really way for my storm shield saves. And I was able to inflict 5 wounds back on the them (unlucky storm shield saves). They lost combat and ran away.

I don’t ever think I’ve seen thunder wolf cavalry run away.

Turn 2

I decide to play aggressively. I bring in my legion of the damned. I’ve planned that they’re going to shoot the wulfen to pieces and my assault terminators are going to charge his shooty terminators.

Legion of the damned
Legion of the damned materialize with plenty of targets to choose from.

Unfortunately the best made plans often go awry. I kill only one wulfen. 😦

I wanted to neutralize that squad. But I barely touched them. Now I have to decide between charging the thunderwolves, wulfen, and the terminators. The thunderwolves still have thunder hammers, a lot of attacks, and storm shields. But I’m terrified of the wulfen so I go after them.

Imperial Fists terminators fight wulfen
My terminators charge the wulfen. And Lysander challenges the leader.

After a bloody fight. I lose a few terminators but he loses his squad. Again if he could have had a few better storm shield saves they could have dragged on for a few more rounds.

On his turn he charges his terminators in towards my legion of the damned and his thunder wolves into my terminators.

Legion of the Damned VS Space Wolf Terminators
Legion of the damned prepare to get charged by space wolf terminators

He rolls double 1’s for his terminators. The legion of the damned gun down 1 terminator and they don’t even get charged. Huge boon for me.

And the thunderwolves don’t fare too well either. Two of them are cut down by my terminators and the last one runs away.

The stormfang gunship comes in and starts taking hull points off my rhino and kills a devastator.

Turn 3

Assuming there’s no crazy die rolls here I mostly mop up. I ignore the lone thunderwolf and go after his space wolf terminators. Between shooting from the legion of the damned. And the assault from my terminators they go down.

We called the game at this point. There were a few things we could have played out.

The entire left flank shot back and forth all game. I killed a lone wolf terminator and some blood claws. And their plasma guns took off a few hull points.


I had headhunter (my devastators sniped his lord while he as in the open) and 3 objectives. My opponent had 2 objectives.

So close game. And had his storm shield saves gone a different way. Or if he could have made a few more charges it could have been a very different game.

I have to give my opponent props. He gave me a run for my money and he hasn’t played in years. I think with a bit of list tuning he’ll make one of those space wolf lists I dread.

Over all great game. Great opponent. 🙂

Imperial Fists & White Scars Versus Grey Knights — February 4, 2017