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Team Arrow Vs. Team Flash — July 4, 2019

Team Arrow Vs. Team Flash

A few months ago I received my copy of Batman Gotham City Chronicles which includes 162 miniatures in the Batman universe! I played a couple games and honestly found it tedious (read Shut Up Sit Down’s review to understand why). So I decided to use those miniatures to play Batman Miniatures Game from Knight Models.

I’m still learning the rules and have a lot of models to paint. But here’s the first battle report.


I played as Team Arrow since I enjoy the TV show. I used:

  • Arrow – 126
    • +1 magazine
    • Tactical gloves
  • Spartan – (John Diggle) – 60
    • +1 magazine
  • Deathstroke – 145
    • Red Dot

Total: 331 rep & $1,200 funding

My friend Mark loves Flash so I made him a Brave and Bold list with the Flash and friends:

  • The Flash [TV Show] – 100
  • Harley Quinn – 77
  • Vibe – 63
  • Harry – 48
  • Agent 3 – 25
  • Lerida – 36

Total: 349 rep & $1,250 funding

Mission & Setup

We played Scenario 3: Patrol since it seemed like a standard mission.

I selected the following objectives:

  • Ammo crate
  • Ace chemicals
  • Contraband

Mark selected:

  • Loot
  • Fire barrel
  • Wayne tech


I selected two strategies:

  • Archer in the Dark
  • The Hunter’s Hour

Mark selected:

  • Fast Advance
  • Patrol
  • Public Resource Upgrade
Vibe, Harry, Agent 1, & Lerida setup on one flank
Vibe, Harry, Agent 1, & Lerida setup on one flank. Flash is on the opposite flank with Harley Quinn running up the middle.


Turn 1

I used Arrow’s hook arrow (bat grapple) to get on top of a building and have line of sight to most of the map.

Arrow can see Vibe, Harry, and officers in the top left. And the top of Harley Quinn's head next to the bastion.
Arrow can see Vibe, Harry, and officers in the top left. And the top of Harley Quinn’s head next to the bastion.

The Flash moves insanely fast up the side of the board and gets close to two objectives. Spartan (John Diggle) moves forward with an Inspire from Arrow and gets base to base with the Fire Barrel and he takes a shot at The Flash which completely misses.

Spartan takes aim at the speedster
Spartan takes aim at the speedster

Deathstroke captures the loot but can’t get close to anyone else.

Deathstroke captures the loot (the base directly behind him)

Turn 2

I assumed The Flash would beat up John Diggle but I was wrong. He started his turn by running up the side of the building and swinging at Oliver Queen 6 times!

Because of Multi-task (from Team Arrow) the Green Arrow had 5 defense and took a single stun damage.

The Flash attacks Arrow

After his attack he runs down the side of the building. I decide to activate Deathstroke who has just enough movement to get into base to base. He completely wiffs and doesn’t hit The Flash a single time.

Diggle later moves up to the Wayne Tech and takes another shot at The Flash and misses again.

Deathstroke, Spartan, and The Flash face off
Neither Deathstroke nor Diggle can hit the speedster

Turn 3

The Flash uses Speed Force Bolts on Spartan hitting him with lightning. He then runs over and hits him for another 3 damage which knocks him out. He has a movement point & a special point left and arrests him on the spot.

Flash Arrests Diggle
From full health to out of the game in one turn! The Flash can be powerful!

Oliver Queen upset by his friends arrest uses his once per game Multi-Arrow ability combined with Rapid Fire to shoot 4 arrows at Flash. He has a clear line of sight to The Flash. And Barry Allen has no movement counters left to dodge. I need to roll 4+ to hit The Flash with his defense 5.

All 4 arrows hit. And 3 arrows wound. That’s 6 blood damage which turns The Flash into a casualty!

Vibe & Harry have been moving up the board and get off some shots on Arrow who takes 3 stun damage.

Vibe & Harry fire at Green Arrow.


We were running out of time in the day so decided to call it early. We had another round of Vibe & Harry firing on Oliver Queen to see what would happen and they knocked him out. That rifle from Harry is powerful with 3 stun damage.

Harry & Vibe fire on Green Arrow again and do more damage KOing him

Harley Quinn & Deathstroke get into a fight and she gets a hit or two in and almost KOs Deathstroke.

Harley Quinn takes a swing and hits Deathstroke

In the end I was able to win 19 to 15.


This was both of our 2nd games of BMG. We’re still figuring out all of the rules and it feels like we’re in the rulebook the whole time.

The Speedforce is Great

I love the way the Speedforce works. It’s a separate phase where they can move and sometimes attack. Then they get to move again in the normal phase.

The Flash seems very powerful but also weak. He reminds me of The Dark Eldar in 40k which are fast and powerful but if you actually hit them you can take them out pretty quick.

Grapple Guns are Amazing

The Arrow’s bat grapple (hook arrow) is amazing. Getting on top of any building so quickly is hugely helpful.

Deathstroke = Meh

Deathstroke was harder to use than I thought. He has a lot of health and attack power but I wasn’t confident enough to go up against Harry, Vibe, A police officer, and Lerida. So I backed away and made them come to me and primarily fought Harley & The Flash. The model I have is neat and I love the color scheme but I don’t know if Deathstroke is worth the points. I’ll have to paint up some other members of Team Arrow before the next match.

More Models

From podcasts & chatter online I know you have to have more models to grab objectives and now I have my own experience to do so.

I ran a 3 model crew which was tiny. I’ll see if I can upgrade to 5 models next time and see what that does.

But I am trying to paint up the models from Batman Gotham City Chronicles which has a limited number of henchmen like models. I’ll paint up a few more heroes and villains and then dig into more Knight Models miniatures.

If you haven’t played Batman Miniature Game give it a go. Both Mark and myself really enjoyed it.

Monsterpocalypse Tournament at Gen Con — August 7, 2018

Monsterpocalypse Tournament at Gen Con

This is the first time writing on the blog about something totally outside of the Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 universe. But it feels close enough and I want to share my experience playing Monsterpocalypse for the first time.

Last week I was at Gen Con 2018. And I was able to play a ton of games and attend a ton of events. One of those events was a Monsterpocalypse tournament.

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1250 Game: Necrons vs Orks — May 26, 2018

1250 Game: Necrons vs Orks

Last week I decided to play a 40k game with my buddy Mark. He has a bunch of armies and today he decided to pull out his Necrons.

It was the first time playing Necrons this edition and they are scary with their reanimation protocols every turn!


Mark and I wanted to play a simple mission so we rolled on the Eternal War table. We got Big Guns Never Tire.


1250 Point Ork Army
My 1250 point Ork army.

I took a fairly typical ork list for me. Lots of armor and a bit mob of boys.


Big Mek

Weird Boy
– Da Jump

Weird Boy
– War Path


29 Boys
– Nob
– 3 Big Shootas

20 Gretchin

10 Gretchin

Heavy Support

Deff Dread

Meka Dread


1250 Necron Army
Mark’s 1250 Necron army ready to deploy.

I’m not entirely familiar with Necrons in this edition so I’ll try to list off the units I see.

Necron Lord

10 Necron Warriors

10 Necron Immortals

Ghost Arc (even though it looks like an Doomsday Arc)

3 Wraiths

3 Wraiths
– The blue one has a cool anti tank gun

3 Tomb Blades

Triarch Stalker


I deployed the last objective so I was able to choose deployment styles and I chose Spearhead Assault. I was thinking I could be 18″ away from my opponent but I didn’t think about how much space Mark had in his deployment zone and he deployed pretty far back. A mistake on my part.

Necron Deployment
The Necrons deploy

Ork Deployment
The Orks deploy. Armor up front. Gretchin on either side to capture objectives & orks behind the armor ready for Da Jump.

Turn 1

I get first turn. I move all of my armor up and I get both Weirdboys out of the Morkanaut. They cast warpath and then Da Jump successfully on the big mob of boys.

Ork Boys Assault
Ork boys used Da Jump to appear 9″ away. They made the charge and almost killed both the wraiths & tomb blades.

While I wish I killed off two squads killing 66% of two squads is still pretty good.

Ork Boys Consolidate
The tomb blade & wraith fall back and a squad of warriors deploys to try to shoot the orks.

To return the favor Mark moved up his Ghost Arc and deployed his warriors in rapid fire range. They killed ~10 or so boys which is pretty good shooting but not enough to save them.

A few more sh

Turn 2

I moved the boys up so they can charge the warriors. My Deff Dread charges the lone Tomb Blade killing it. My Morkanaut charges the Wraith and amazingly missed with every single attack (pretty hard to do when you roll 12 dice and you hit on 3+).

I charged the Necron warriors and almost wiped them out.

Mark fought back in his part of the turn by pulling back the warriors and shooting the orks with spare guns. Unfortunately it was too late. My armor hasn’t been touched and with the exception of a squad of immortals there isn’t much firepower left on the board.

We decided to call the game at the end of turn 2.

Wrap Up

Not many armies are created that can handle 30 orks appearing on a flank. Even with a 10 man squad of necrons lighting up the orks they took all the shots and still killed them.

Mark had some good anti armor but he used it on my ork boys since that was the most immediate threat.

Mark want’s to try Tyranids next time. They have a lot of anti infantry so we’ll see how that goes.



GengisCon 2018 Recap — February 19, 2018

GengisCon 2018 Recap

I’m pretty proud to say that I was able to get everything done for this tournament. I was thrown a curveball once the rules were posted and I had to change my list quite a bit. But all things considered the minis turned our great.

There’s of course a few things I wish I could have spent more time on but overall I’m really proud of this army. Now to see if I can win a few games.

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GengisCon Update 1 — February 4, 2018

GengisCon Update 1

GengisCon is 2 weeks away and I’ve been painting like mad to get everything finished. I’ve finished a couple big units so I mostly have smaller units left to paint. And one big unit left to assemble and paint.

I also got my first test game in. I’ve played ~1 game with Orks in 8th edition so far so this was my 2nd and I learned a lot.

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Preparing for GengisCon — January 18, 2018

Preparing for GengisCon

A month or so I signed up for a 40k tournament at GengisCon. I signed up before the tournament rules were posted and started working on my army. The official rules were just posted and now I see the mistake.

Points: 1750


  • Battalion Detachment ONLY. No other detachment may be selected, and armies must be battle forged.
  • Matched play rules will be in effect, including adjustments made in Chapter Approved. Beta matched play rules will also be in effect.
  • Models must have 4 colors of paint, minimum.

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Ork Faction Rules Wishlist — November 28, 2017