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GengisCon 2018 Recap — February 19, 2018

GengisCon 2018 Recap

I’m pretty proud to say that I was able to get everything done for this tournament. I was thrown a curveball once the rules were posted and I had to change my list quite a bit. But all things considered the minis turned our great.

There’s of course a few things I wish I could have spent more time on but overall I’m really proud of this army. Now to see if I can win a few games.

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GengisCon Update 1 — February 4, 2018

GengisCon Update 1

GengisCon is 2 weeks away and I’ve been painting like mad to get everything finished. I’ve finished a couple big units so I mostly have smaller units left to paint. And one big unit left to assemble and paint.

I also got my first test game in. I’ve played ~1 game with Orks in 8th edition so far so this was my 2nd and I learned a lot.

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Preparing for GengisCon — January 18, 2018

Preparing for GengisCon

A month or so I signed up for a 40k tournament at GengisCon. I signed up before the tournament rules were posted and started working on my army. The official rules were just posted and now I see the mistake.

Points: 1750


  • Battalion Detachment ONLY. No other detachment may be selected, and armies must be battle forged.
  • Matched play rules will be in effect, including adjustments made in Chapter Approved. Beta matched play rules will also be in effect.
  • Models must have 4 colors of paint, minimum.

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Ork Faction Rules Wishlist — November 28, 2017
How I Paint My Orks — August 15, 2017

How I Paint My Orks

If you’ve been following my Instagram you might have seen that I’ve been working on Orks for the past few weeks. I got a squad of gretchin painted up as well as some Killa Kans. I’ll be posting pictures of those soon enough but I wanted to start with how I paint my Orks.

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The Fate of Konor: Week Two — August 8, 2017

The Fate of Konor: Week Two

If you play Warhammer you’ve probably heard about the Fate of Konor campaign going on this summer. You can play battles with your friends and log them at your local store.

The results of this campaign will affect the actual Warhammer 40,000 story. So if Chaos wins this campaign that will actually happen in the story. It feels pretty awesome to take part is shaping the universe.

My buddy Mark and I decided we wanted to take part. Due to previous commitments we couldn’t get a game in week 1 but we were able to play the 2nd week’s special mission.

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First Game of 8th Edition 40k — August 1, 2017