A month or so I signed up for a 40k tournament at GengisCon. I signed up before the tournament rules were posted and started working on my army. The official rules were just posted and now I see the mistake.

Points: 1750


  • Battalion Detachment ONLY. No other detachment may be selected, and armies must be battle forged.
  • Matched play rules will be in effect, including adjustments made in Chapter Approved. Beta matched play rules will also be in effect.
  • Models must have 4 colors of paint, minimum.

I was planning on building an Ork Dreadmob. Something like:

  • Big Mek Buzzgob (Forgeworld)
  • Gorkanaut
  • Morkanaut
  • 6 Killa Kans
  • 3 Dreadnoughts
  • 1 Meka Dread (Forgeworld)

Unfortunately with the event rules requiring a battalion that means I’m limited to 3 heavy support options so now I have to rethink the list. Shelve the models I just bought and put together & paint a new army. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Army List


Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob – 75 points

Weirdboy – 62 points
– ‘Eadbanger pyschic power


5 Nobz – 157 points
– 1 Nob w/ Big Choppa
– 1Nob w/ Power Klaw
– 1 Nob w/ Kill Saw
– 1 Nob w/ Kombi-Skorcha
– 1 Nob w/ Kombi-Rokkit


13 Boys – 84 points
– 1 Big shoota

10 Grots – 30 points

10 Grots – 30 points

Fast Attack

4 Deff Koptas – 316 points
– Bigbomms


Morkanaut – 340 points

Gorkanaut – 356 points

Meka Dread – 278 points
– Rattler cannon
– Kustom Force Field

My Workload

There are 47 models in the army which doesn’t sound like a ton. But I only have 15 models (10 grots & 5 nobz) that are 100% done. I have some boys & Weird Boy who are close to being done. But the rest need to be assembled and painted. It’s going to be a crazy month. 🙂