Last weekend I was able to play a game with my buddy Matt. And while we were at the store we bumped into Erik who was also looking for a game. So we made a 3 person game. Imperial Fists vs Space Wolves vs Word Bearers.


We deployed into quarters. With me and Erik deploying in opposite quarters. And Matt stuck in the middle.

I was able to use Cypher for the first time. And his infiltration rule was pretty useful to get me on the high ground sitting on an objective.

The Game

The game was pretty typical for a 1v1v1. The person in the middle (Matt playing the Space Wolves) was attacked by the other two players. We only shot a few shots at each other when it was convenient.

Erik sent his 20 man Chaos Space Marine squad and some cultists towards the Space Wolves line. And with his shooting he was able to take down two thunder wolves. Pretty impressive!

Terminators Attempt Long Charge
Terminators have to move forward and then attempt a 10″ charge through the woods!

On my turn I drew the tactical objective where I get a point for charging a squad. The only available target was the Wulfen (behind the forest). I moved forward but I needed a 10″ charge to get them.

Not surprisingly I didn’t get the charge off and I knew I’d take their charge the following turn.

Have you ever been charged by Wulfen? They’re nasty. Lots of AP2 attacks with really high strength. And a couple guys with storm shields to take your hits. The odds were against me. But since I just finished painting my Chaplain I was playing with him. And Imperial Fists have a neat piece of wargear called the Angel of Sacrifice.

It’s basically a crozius (standard equipment for chaplains) with one extra rule called Only In Death. Which lets you continue fighting until the end of the phase. Even if you die. So if you think a giant were wolf with frost claws is going to rip you in half this is a great piece of wargear because it let’s you get a swing in even if you are ripped in half (don’t ask how).

And I had another tactical objective to kill a character in a challenge. Perfect. So I called out the challenge and was promptly ripped to shreds with the rest of the terminator squad (yes Wulfen are that nasty). Luckily I was able to kill the wulfen sergent with my Chaplain in that challenge and get a victory point.

Note: I made a tactical mistake with how I rolled my saves. I should have taken them one at a time until the chaplain dies. Then they spill over into the squad. I took all 6 on my 4+ invulnerable and failed 4. That killed the chaplain and 2 terminators. Had I rolled until the chaplain died I might have been able to save a terminator or two with their better save.

Victory Short Lived

Unfortunately, even though I got a point the Wulfen continued to rip through my squads. I was able to get a pot shot off with a missile launcher at the Techmarine leading the Space Wolf force. I hit, I wounded, and he failed his 2+ armor save. With a huge bit of luck I killed his warlord.

Besides that. The tactical marines didn’t do much (other than be eaten by Wulfen).

Missile Launcher Firing
My missile launcher fires and kills the Space Wolf warlord!

On the other side of the field Cypher and his squad fight off a squad of cultists. I give props to Erik for sending cultists against a squad of space marines & Cypher. He wanted to get the objective they were sitting on but didn’t have enough troops to send this way.

Cypher Close Combat
Cypher fighting in close combat!

The End

In the end all of the players got 3 victory points. Matt & I killed each other’s warlord.

I have to give the victory to Matt for being in the middle. Fighting two opponents and getting the same number of victory points.

And I have to give Erik kudos. For sending a squad or two or cultists against Cypher. He knew he couldn’t take out Cypher + devastator squad but did it just for fun.

Great game. And definitely fun to play with two newly painted models: Cypher & Chaplain.