Over the last month or two I’ve introduced the game to a new friend. We’ve played Kill Team a few times and played an 850 point game. But I wanted to show him a bigger game-what you might play at the store. So we agreed to play a team game. We were able to scrape together 2,000 points and we played a Grey Knights player.


We played an Eternal War mission with 4 objectives in diagonal deployment zones.

I wanted to give my friend control of some units he’s never played with. So I lent him my rhinos so he can actually move his tactical marines around. He took control of a dreadnought with a twin-linked las cannon & missile launcher. And he took his own bike squad and borrow the store’s bike squad to beef it up to 6 models.

The Game

Grey Knights Purgation Squad

Since the Grey Knights player deployed second and they were pretty well hidden behind cover. We didn’t do much at all the first two turns of the game. But the GK player had small punchy purgation squads which jumped out of razorbacks and torrented us with firepower.

First turn his Terminators came down and we saw how much he could do with his psychic powers.

Custodes & Purgation Squad

Second turn his Custodes teleported in right next to a purgation squad. They had an objective and we had no where near enough fire power to take them down.

I at least had a nearby grav cannon. And between the sacrificial bike squad, a white scars tactical squad which was cut to bits, and two turns of shooting we finally took them down.

Legion of the damned appear out of no-where to fight the interceptor squad behind our lines

The Grey Knights have really strong short range fire power. While the Imperial Fists have really good long range fire power. We were able to keep them at bay and pummel them with heavy fire power until they were no more.

I give props to the GK player. It was pretty clear we were going to win turn 4. And by turn 5 it was all but over. He still ran his Grand Master up to Lysander and tried to pull off the Vortex of Doom psychic power (it did go off but didn’t wound Lysander)

Wrap Up

In the end it was the number of bodies that won the day. The Grey Knights were in small 5 man units. We had hard hitting units like terminators, legion of the damned (killed the last vehicle sitting on an objective), and devastators. But it was the unassuming tactical squads that were there to finish off the last of the squad.

And the White Scars several times were able to take an assault, survive, hit and run out of the assault, return fire and then kill the unit. It was really impressive.

Lysander didn’t do much. But he, with the help of a 10 man terminator assault squad, was able to kill a dread knight and the Grey Knights grand master.



I didn’t get the Grey Knights lists but I’ll share my own.

Please note I asked the opposing player to let us use two different chapter tactics and he graciously agreed. So Imperial Fists models used Imperial Fists chapter tactics. And White Scars got to use White Scars tactics.


Captain Lysander


– Twin linked las cannon
– Missile launcher

9 Legion of the Damned
– Multi-melta
– Melta gun

Terminator Assault Squad
– 5 Lightning Claws
– 5 Thunder hammer & Storm shield


10 Tactical Marines
– Rhino
– Plasma gun
– Veteran sergeant with power fist

10 Tactical Marines
– Rhino
– Plasma gun
– Veteran sergeant with power sword

10 Tactical Marines
– Grav cannon
– Grav gun

Fast Attack

6 Bikes
– 2 Plasma guns
– Veteran sergeant with power sword

Heavy Support

5 Devastators
– 2 Missile launchers
– 2 Lascannons
– Armourium Cherub

Thunderfire Cannon