A few months ago Games Workshop released the Sector Imperialis bases. They come in all sorts of sizes and they look pretty darn good with a mixture of dirt & city scape.

Sector Imperialis Box art
Sector Imperialis Box art

I’m a big fan of unique bases so I picked up a set and added them to my Legion of the Damned. And with just 5 paints they look pretty darn good. Here’s how I painted mine:

  1. Paint the metal parts Leadbelcher
  2. Paint everything else Mournfang Brown
  3. Wash everything with Agrax Earthshade
  4. Dry brush Runefang Steel on the metal parts
  5. Dry brush Zandri Dust on the non-metal parts

I finished mine in no more than 2 hours of work – probably closer to 1 hour.

I’ll be continuing this through the rest of my Imperial Fists. And eventually I’ll go back and rebase already painted minis.

I really like the rust effect on the box art and might want to play with that. There’s a great tutorial from Warhammer TV that shows you how to paint rust. In short, you dry brush Ryza Rust over the metal and then go back and highlight it one more time.

I think I could add the dry brush stage right before I dry brush Runefang Steel.

All in all great bases & easy to paint.