Yesterday I went back to Enchanted Grounds and played another Imperial Fists (1,250) & Blood Angels (1,750) VS Iron Warriors (3,000).

Lists were pretty similar with the big exception that the Iron Warriors player saved enough points to take Perturabo, primarch of the Iron Warriors. This was the first time I ever fought a primarch.


Perturabo and his bodyguard of terminators were held in reserve so I decided to march my 10 man terminator squad + Lysander right up the middle to take on the Leviathans.

Lysander & his squad did great. They took down one leviathan in two rounds of combat and a lascannon from the devastator squad rolled a 6 on the penetrating hits table and blew up the other leviathan.

Devastators take out the leviathan on the left while terminators take out the leviathan the right

Perturabo deep strikes in our back field right behind my rhino and an objective.

Perturabo & bodyguard deep strike behind our lines
Perturabo & bodyguard deep strike behind our lines

I figured with some shooting from the devastator squad and the tactical squad with a grav cannon, flamer, and disintegration rifle that we could do something. My allies sanguinary guard deep struck and were going to shoot their bolters and charge in.

We should be able to do something right?

We killed one. One. And that was from the disintegration rifle that also killed himself. *sigh*

The sanguinary guard charged in and killed one terminator. They were killed to a man.

Ouch. That could have gone better.

Next turn the terminators break off from Perturabo. The terminators go after some blood angels and Perturabo pulls off a 12″ charge to get into combat with my devastators. Ouch.

That half of our deployment zone was secure. Now it’s just a crater.

Next turn Perturabo needs to control the objective that the terminators are sitting on.

Perturabo & Imperial Fists Terminators
Perturabo fights Lysander & Imperial Fists Terminators

He pulls off another insanely long charge and does his best. He survived 3 rounds of combat before he fell to Lysander & his terminators.

Wrap Up

Perturabo is a beast. The objectives made my opponent split up Perturabo & his retinue. If he didn’t have to do that it would be a been a very bloody fight at the end.

There isn’t much that can survive 3 rounds of combat against that many terminators but a primarch is one of them. Can’t wait to fight more.

Fallen primarchs
My goal to kill all 9 of the fallen primarchs