I love having a Games Workshop here in Denver. But I wanted to try some of the friendly local game stores to play more types of games. So I went to Enchanted Grounds which is a game store & coffee shop. Amazing.

I joined in a game that was about to start. And we turned it into Imperial Fists (1,250) & Blood Angels (1,750) vs Iron Warriors. (2,600).


I formed the center of the army. I held the hill with my devastators. I had my two tactical squads in rhinos flank them. And I had terminators run up the center towards a cluster of objectives.

My ally went up the edges. He put two death company squads with jetpacks on either edge. And he had another squad in reserve with the sanguinary guard.

The Iron Warriors deployed along the very back edge with their gunline.

They wreaked havok on my list. Almost everything was shot up except the terminators. They were able to run up & kill the Leviathan Dreadnought.

Lysander & Terminators take down Leviathan Dreadnought
Lysander & terminators take down leviathan dreadnought

Unfortunately. After they killed one. Another one took it’s place and they battled it until the game ended. At least they prevented it from butchering the Death Company.

Lysander & Terminators fight a second Leviathan Dreadnought
Lysander & terminators fight a second leviathan dreadnought

By turn 5 we had a few more victory points from holding those center objectives and we pulled out a win! Huzzah!

In sadder news – as per usual the newest model I painted, the Imperial Space Marine, was killed by some quad mortars and never got to fire his disintegration gun. Hopefully after a couple games that luck wears off and he’ll be able to fire his awesome weapon.

Army Lists

I had my standard 1,250 Imperial Fists list:

  • Lysander
  • 10 Terminators (5 TH & SS, 5 lightning claw)
  • 10 Tactical marines (rhino, grav cannon, flamer, imperial space marine, vet sergeant, w/ powerfist)
  • 10 Tactical marines (rhino, grav cannon, grav gun)
  • 5 Devastators (2 las, 2 missile launchers, armorium cherub)

Blood Angels (estimated):

  • 3 X 10 Death Company (jump packs)
  • 2 X Chaplain
  • 1 Librarian
  • 5 Sanguinary Guard

30k Iron Warriors (estimated):

  • Captain
  • 5 Cataphractii terminators
  • 2 X 10 Tactical marines
  • 5 Heavy weapon marines (autocannons)
  • 2 Leviathans
  • Fortifications (bunker, small bunker, two battle cannon turrets, two punisher cannons on larger bunker)

Wrap Up

I had a great game. Can’t wait to go back to that store. I hope to have a bit more diversity in my army. I want to drop a couple lightning claw terminators and add a Thunderfire cannon.