I had some work drama pop up today which wasn’t too pleasant. It felt like one of those days where you just want to order take out and veg on the couch…

So that’s what I did. My partner ordered Chinese and I painted until it got here. And then I vegged on the couch. šŸ™‚

I started working on the crux terminatus on all of the termies. I tried one scheme with Ushabti Bone + White Scar but it just didn’t have enough definition.


crux terminatus work in progress
the crux terminatus paint scheme I dont like

So I decided to reuse the scheme I used with Lysander. I’m adding a Reikland Fleshshade in there to add more definition. I got the Ushabti bone and flesh shade on every model. Now I need to tidy it up and add the White Scar highlight.
crux terminatus work in progress
This still needs the white hightlight but it looks much better