I spent a bit of time at the local game store and got some painting done while talking to my fellow nerds.

I didn’t like the red scheme I had been using. Basing something with Khorne Red and highlighting with Evil Sunz Scarlet. It was a bit too drastic for me. Fine on smaller items like purity seals but anything that is bigger than that would be too obvious.

I went into the store and got Wazdakka Red. I used that for the highlight and only used Evil Sunz Scarlet for the very tips. Turned out alright I think.

lysander back work in progress
I highlighted all of the termies with Ushabti bone. I worked on the shield a bit too. I got Administratum Grey and used that in the eagle on Lysanders shield. Came out nice and unique since I don’t use that color scheme elsewhere in the army.

lysander work in progress