Today I not only worked on Lysander but I was able to play a game at my local Games Workshop store!

First the painting.

  I worked on the skin tone using my usual Bugman’s Glow -> Reikland Fleshshade -> Cadian Fleshtone trio.

I used Nuln Oil to shade the grey eagle on his shield.

I wanted the crux terminatus to be a bit more intimidating so I used Reikland Fleshshade to shade it before highlighting white.

I also wanted him to look a bit more regal for my game tomorrow so I painted his eyes white and used a micron pen to create the iris.

Lots of little details taken care of today. Hopefully I can have him done in a day or two and then continue work on the rest of the termies.

Onto the game.

We played a two on two, 1,500 points per player. It was Imperial Fists and Blood Angels on one side and Eldar and Imperial Guard on the other.

I had very few units but they were all hard hitting. I drove Lysander plus a unit of 7 assault terminators up the middle in a Land Raider Crusader. It blew up turn two from som fire warriors but the enemy had to shoot everything they had at that unit and Lysander ended up surviving the whole game and killing a Culexus Assassin.