So we’ve finally made it to the first game of the league. I had to paint up a grav cannon, an HQ, and two rhinos (more pictures coming later). I got everything done but I did forget to paint a bolt pistol for my sergeant – doh! It’s magnetized so I only need to paint up a bolt pistol hand and magnetize it.

Onto the game!

Imperial Fists vs Iron Hands

The first game was me versus Mark (Iron Hands)

We knew we wanted to use tactical objectives and we rolled up Cloak And Shadows which is the Maelstrom of War mission with secret objectives.



I kept my rhinos together so they could support each other and so they could both cross the bridge at the same time.


Turn 1

Turn 1 was mostly maneuvering. Mark moved his bikes up along the side of the board, moved the dread up, and mostly kept his tactical marines where they were to secure objectives.

Turn 2

In turn 1 two Iron Hands bikers with grav guns shot at my rhino. I thought I’d return the favor. I pull up my rhino alongside and blasted them with a grav cannon & grav gun. Not great rolling but I was able to take out both bikers with grav guns. Minor victory!

During Marks turn the dreadnought & bikers move in to kill the rhino.

Imperial Fist Rhinos Move
Bikers move in to shoot & then charge the rhino
Dreadnought Shooting
The Iron Hands dreadnought lines up a shot with its multi-melta.

With a bit of luck the dreadnought shoots and blows up the rhino in one shot – boom! First blood to the Iron Hands!

The next step is to assault the survivors. This is the small squad so it’s 5 tactical marines & my HQ so it’s going to be rough for the fists. Not a lot of punch and not a lot of wounds to take the beating.

Iron Hands Assault Imperial Fists
Dreadnought & bikers assault remnants of the tactical squad in the rhino.

The first assault phase actually wasn’t that bad. With bad die rolling on both sides very little happened. There was a single wound on the Imperial Fists side and they passed their morale check.

Turn 3

The first round of the assault was pretty boring but the next round was very decisive. The Iron Hands wiped out all but one member of the squad but in return the Imperial Fists scored a penetrating hit against the dreadnought. I rolled a 6 on the damage table which blew up the dreadnought! At least we got some revenge.

Lone Survivor After Assault
The lone survivor after the Iron Hands assault

Right after this photo the survivor fails his morale test and runs.

Turn 4

After taking off a few hull points last turn the remaining Imperial Fists tactical squad fire off some grav shots at the opposing Iron Hands rhino and knock off the last hull point.

The Iron Hands bikes head off for an objective.

Imperial Fists Shoot Grav Cannons
Imperial Fists shoot at enemy rhino

Turn 5

At the start of the turn Mark had more victory points and he had a lot more flexibility with a squad of bikers & a squad of troops while I just had a squad of tactical marines in a rhino.

I made a beeline for an objective on his side of the board while taking potshots at the infantry squad hiding in the ruins around their old rhino.

Imperial Fists Sit On Objective
Imperial Fists shoot at Iron Hands tactical squad. The bike squad comes back to take out the second rhino.

At the end of the turn we rolled and lucky for me the game continued on to the next turn!

Turn 6

I split my rhino away from the tactical marines and was able to complete 2 different objectives that gave D3 points. I got 5 points and pulled ahead of Mark for the first time this game.

I finished off the tactical squad which left his biker squad & my exposed tactical squad. It was risky to be in the open against that bike squad with the techmarine & his servo harness.

Turn 7

It was guaranteed to be the last turn and Mark went for the hail mary. He drew objectives which if he was able to wipe out my tactical squad he would get enough points to beat me and he went for it.

With a bit of luck I was able to gun down some of the bike squad when they charged in.

Bikes Assault Imperial Fist Squad
Imperial Fists shoot overwatch at incoming bikes.

His guys wiffed (most importantly the techmarine with the servo harness) and we tied combat so I held my ground and he didn’t get any points.

Techmarine On Bike vs Imperial Fists
Techmarine on bike assaults Imperial Fist tactical squad.

The game ended 13 to 9.

That’s the game! Thanks for reading – and thanks for the excellent game (and photos) Mark! Check out the lists below if you’re curious. 🙂


Imperial Fists 500

Captain – 135
– Artificer armor
– Powerfist

Tactical Squad – 140
– 4 marines
– 1 veteran sergeant
– powerfist
– Rhino

Tactical Squad – 225
– 9 marines
– Grav cannon & Grav amp
– Grav gun
– sergeant
– Rhino

Total 500

Iron Hands 500

Techmarine – 110
– Bike
– Bolt Pistol
– Keeper of Relics (FW)
– Power Axe
– Servo-harness

Dreadnoughts – 100
– Multi-Melta

Bike Squad – 135
– 2x Space Marine Biker w/ Bolt Pistol
– 2x Space Marine Biker w/ Grav-gun
– Biker Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol

Tactical Squad – 154
– Rhino
– 4 Tactical Marines
– 1 Tactical Marine w/ Lascannon
– 1 Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol, Combi-grav, & Melta Bombs

Total 499