I’ve really enjoyed painting my Imperial Fists over the last couple months. And while building & painting an army on your own is fun it’s so much more fun to do it with a friend. Or two. That’s why I’ve recruited my friends Mark & Erin to join me in an escalation league.

If you’ve never heard of an escalation league it’s where you get together to play games like any other league but each time you get together you add more points to your army. We’ll be starting at 500pts for the first game and adding 250pts every month. In 7 months we should have a fully painted 2,000pt army. Pretty awesome huh?


We’ll be getting together once a month to play a game with our constantly growing armies. Since there’s only 3 people in the league we’ll probably alternate each month or play on the weekends when we can get in more games.

  • November: 500 (requires 1 troop)
  • December: 750
  • January: 1,000 (requires 2 troops + 1 HQ)
  • February: 1,250
  • March: 1,500
  • April: 1,750
  • May: 2,000

Painted Models

The whole goal of the league is to build & paint a 2,000pt army. Having said that; models break, packages get lost in the mail, or you make a last minute list change to your list. You may play with unpainted models, but every model gains the Hatred (Unpainted Models) special rule. If the model already has Hatred, then all attacks are at +1 Strength.

The Armies

Patrick – I’ll be playing Imperial Fists and I already have have 2 tactical squads built & painted. That’s a huge head start since I always struggle getting the basic troops painted.

Mark – He’ll be playing with Iron Hands possibly with an Adeptus Mechanicus ally. Knowing Mark I expect techmarines, thunderfire cannons, & bikes.

Erin – She’ll be playing with Tyranids. I don’t know what she likes but I hope she brings some gene stealers (the quintessential Tyranid unit in my eyes) & some big beasties. I have no idea how I’ll kill the big bugs at this point but I definitely want to see them painted on the table in front of me. 🙂

Up Next

I already have two tactical squads done which is a huge help. I need to get two transports ready for them as well as paint up some fancy heavy weapon troopers from the devastator box & one additional model who I’ll keep secret for right now.

The first game will be November 8th. Just over a month from now, should be plenty of time to paint 6 minis & 2 vehicles. Can’t wait! 🙂