I’ve always been a fan of the Tau. There is something so cool about them being only good guys out there. I actually had a Tau army years back and I sold it to a friend when he was starting out. I’ve been thinking about some different armies and I think I might pick up the Tau. I’m starting with just a few models to make sure I like the paint scheme and we’ll see where it goes from there.


Paint Scheme

  • Spray White
  • Lightly wash white armor with Nuln Oil
  • Paint fabric (pants, under shirt) Abbadon Black
  • Paint red areas (eyes, gun sight, tip of antenna, tau symbol) with Khorne Red
  • Paint armor plates White Scar.
    • Or use Ceramite White if you need to cover another color
  • Highlight the black areas with Eshin Gray and then Dawnstone
  • Highlight the red with Evil Sunz Scarlet


There are a few things that I’m thinking about improving. I want to paint the base brown. I want to add a little dust to the fire warrior’s feet. I want to change up Tau symbol on his shoulder pad (maybe a tan color?). And I want to add those cool slim line markings on the gun and maybe the armor. I also might want to highlight the red with another color.

Anything else?