I’ll be honest, I doubt there will be a lot of people that are going to be interested in learning how to paint zombie Grey Knights; it isn’t exactly the most common army out there. But you should be able to use the principles in this tutorial to get a really simple silver, gold, and red scheme down.

This tutorial was conceptualized and written by my friend Mike and edited by myself.

Onto the Painting Instructions!

Step 1: Prime all models with Army Painter Platemail Metal.

Step 2: Wash all parts of the model you wish to be silver with Devlan Mud. I used a fairly liberal application of this stuff so that it gets in all of the recesses.

Zombie Grey Knight 1 Primed

Step 3: After the wash has dried go back over the large flat surfaces with Boltgun Metal. If you don’t get all areas it’s OK as it just makes the model extra dirty. Now, fill in the areas that will be gold with Dwarf Bronze. Don’t worry about getting it perfect the next step will take care of the rest. Just make sure to get all of the raised surfaces like the letters on the shoulder pad.

Zombie Grey Knight 3 Gold 2

Step 4: Fill in the gold areas with a Devlan Mud wash. Just fill in the area completely so that it surrounds the letters. The raised surfaces do the job for you. I took a picture while it was still wet so you can see what I mean.

Zombie Grey Knight 4 Devlan Mud

That’s all there really is to the main parts of the model. The rest is really up to you how you wish to do the details.

Onto the Details!

Books: Mechrite red cover w/white on the pages. Wash entire book with Devlan Mud.

Purity Seals: Mechrite Red wax, white scroll. Wash with Devlan Mud. Highlight Wax w/ blood red.

Bolter: Mechrite Red with gold details.

Blood Effects: I used a clear red paint with chestnut ink to darken it up. Then once dried went over with a gloss varnish to make it look wet. Here is the finished product.

Zombie Grey Knight 6 Finished Pair