I had the opportunity to play in a relatively small apocalypse game with Chaos Daemons this past weekend and it was really enjoyable. Part of that is because Forge World wrote really fun rules for the Greater Daemons in their Imperial Armor Apocalypse Second Edition book. They added character back into the mix for both An’ggrath and Scabeiathrax.

An’ggrath can move a lot faster and is a lot more dangerous than he was before but now he is subject to something similar to the rage special rule. So basically he will have to charge the closest unit. If you opponent knows what he is doing he can somewhat protect his most valuable units by sacrificing a less important unit. What a terrible place to put your opponent in and how fun it is to see them scratching their head and you make large chopping motions!

Scabeiathrax now moves slower than other gargantuan creatures (as is appropriate for Nurgle) but to make up for it he has an awesome plague aura that can outright kill models near him. This goes well with other plague daemon mythology where they blight the very ground they walk on. How awesome to image noble Space Marines dying just from being too close to this beast.

To be honest, I think both models got a lot weaker but I’m still going to take them just because of how fun they are and all of the rules they have that don’t just smash your opponents face in. If Forge World did as good of a job as they did with these two daemons that book has got to be awesome. Go get it!