Well I am after a fun filled weekend at Adepticon. I played in the team tournament Saturday and the Blood bowl tournament on Sunday. I had a lot of fun at both events but I am thinking that next year I need to plan a 1/2 day activity after the team tourney. 14 hours of gaming can really take it out of you.

40k Results

Adepticon posted the results a few days ago and I wanted to share them so that I don’t make the same mistakes  next year.

Overall we got 56th out of 106 teams so a little bit under the 50% mark which is pretty good for a throwing this together in the last few months.

Team Name Overall Battle Heads CC Theme Paint Quiz Sports* Spirit*
Chaos Theory 217 110 13 17 39 28 10 13 1

* – Sportsmanship and spirit scores are only used as tie breakers and do not count towards the overall points.

We did better than I anticipated for battle points, heads, and command counters. Those are all based on list making and in game tactics which can be improved by spending time making lists and making sure they work with every other list and playing the game more often. This is the area I am least concerned about. Improving our battle points is the area I am least concerned with.

For appearance we only got 28 out of the possible 60 points – that hurts. We were 83rd overall for appearance with most of the lower scores being around 24. I think with enough preparation time we should be able to get 35 points. In retrospect we should have explained to the judges what the conversions and painting techniques we performed. For example the judge might not have noticed my fancy drop pod doors on my drop pods or how much effort went into those.

We were ranked 60th for theme which is better than 83rd but still not that much better. I think next year we should be prepared to give a spiel to the judge to tell him why everything is working together. We didn’t have to do that the last time I went and we were totally caught off guard. I think making a force other than “we are all Imperium so we work together” would be a great way to get some theme points. Some sort of backstory is necessary. If we want a good theme score we would probably have to build our armies together, decide on some common elements like colors and iconography to go on banners/shoulder pads/objective markers/ etc. and put those on all of the armies. Getting objective markers that explain our theme would also score points. I think it is important to get some sort of uniform non-generic ( floor tiles, alien planet, ice planet, etc.) basing to show that you made all of the armies together.

We were tied for 90th place for spirit. Most teams got around 6-7 points and we got one. It does seem silly to get team shirts and stuff that you might only use once but I am sure there are some things we can do for spirit that are less wasteful. Just printing out a handout is a point so I am sure we can come up with some other ways to get some more points.

I am planning on going next year and I want to do a really good job on theme and appearance. Battle points don’t matter that much to me I would rather build a highly themed army and have something that I can play a fun game with. I want to make an army that people want to take photographs of. So something unusual is a plus and it has to be highly themed and painted extraordinarily well. I plan on making plans for next years Adepticon asap.

My first thoughts for next year are a tau & ork list which would be fun to model because the orks could have tons of looted tau gear. And for fluff I was thinking that the tau discovered a clan of orks and sent some ethereals negotiate a truce the with orks. The orks being orks take the ethereals hostage and demand weapons and soldiers to further the clans own plans against a rival clan. I think that sounds like a fun project to and I’ll have to brain storm with my teammates and find a team that works for everyone. Regardless of the lists we decide to run it will be a fun time.

Can’t wait till next year. 🙂

Blood Bowl Results

I played in day 2 (Sunday) of the Stuperbowl tournament. I played 3 games and got one win, one loss, and one draw so pretty darn good considering that I was playing with a stunty team. You can actually see me play against a halfling team (the game turned out to be a draw) in a Rankings HQ video.