The Blood Bowl season is over and what a blast it was. I had a really good time playing in the season. But I want to look at some of the specific reasons why the season was good and some of the ways a Blood Bowl season can be improved.

Final Thoughts on the Season

Reasons the Season Was Awesome

  1. Original creative scenarios every week. The scenarios were quite original, creative, and balanced. They added some random elements in addition to the normal game play and made every week something to look forward to.
  2. Extra props that we can keep. The league commissioner was great about creating extra props that made the game feel like more than a pick up game. The cleaver which you can see in the quarter final match, and the bill boards from week 5 were great props. The commissioner also created custom labels for the Gatorade bottles he brought to the final game.
  3. Awarding Booster Points to the least experienced player helped teams that had generic positions like linemen actually advance their position so that if the player did receive some star player points that they can level sooner.
  4. Buying Bribes with cash. Being able to buy bribes (a dollar a piece) was genius. All the money went into the kitty that funded the pizza party we had on the last day and it was great to give someone a little boost especially if they played with a team like goblins.

Ways to Improve the Season

  1. Set one day a  week as game day. Scheduling became a big deal for this league. Pick a day during the week that everyone can make, if you can’t make it – too bad. Because of this weird scheduling I missed out on 2 games during the regular season.
  2. Increasing Rivalry between teams. There should have been some opportunities to play previous opponents and generate some additional revenue and or star player points or some other incentive. Even though there was a grudge match rule set up for this league I don’t think anyone used it.

Final Thoughts on Goblins

Of course a Blood Bowl review wouldn’t be complete without a discussion about the Goblin team.

I learned that the Goblin team is (obviously)  not meant for winning. I knew winning would be an uphill battle but I didn’t expect them to be that hard to play. I have no problem playing casually and I don’t need to win to have fun but I should have won at least one match during the season. If I play another season of Blood Bowl sometime in the future I will probably take a look at a different team (I have my eye on the Nurgle team for modeling reasons).


Next Up!

Next up is Adepticon! I hope you already know what Adepticon is but if you don’t check out their website. More next week.