It is the ninth week and we are finally here – the last game of the season!

I am playing in the Guts Bowl and the winner gets to claim 3rd place. We had three games of Blood Bowl going simultaneously the main game to determine 1st and 2nd as well as the Guts Bowl to determine 3rd and one more game to determine 4th place.

I was lucky enough to play a player I missed during the season – I was able to play against Matt B. who I missed playing in week 5.

There are no special rules for the final game because we wanted to make the final match more about skill and less about wonky scenario rules.

As usual I am providing you with my starting roster, and since this is the end of the season here is my final roster after all of the leveling up. The store is having a two week mini campaign this summer in which we can use any previously created teams so you might see these gobbos again someday.

League Game

The game went reasonably well. I was able to keep the skaven team next to my team the entire game and I was able to pound on them pretty good. But of course with skaven if you make one mistake a gutter runner will score a touchdown so fast you won’t have time to blink. In the end he beat me 3 to 1 but it could (and I might even say should) have been a draw.

The score was 2 to 1 and we each had one turn left. I had the ball about 4 squares away from his end zoneĀ  with a couple of goblins surrounding the ball carrier to provide tackle zones (see the last photo). Matt calls a blitz and has to make a 6+ dodge roll and then roll 2 block dice (my choice) and hope to knock me down. What happens? Well the dice gods were not merciful: he made his 6+ dodge roll, he threw the block and with his strip ball skill was able to pry it out of my hands, it then went out of bounds where is was thrown to a near by skaven, he picks it up throws it to a gutter runner and bam touchdown. I wasn’t too pleased with that result but I am just happy that I was able to play in the playoffs at all.

Maybe next season the gobbos will bribe the fans to throw it back at the goblin near the end zone.