The Big Push – The winner of this round will go on to the finals and play in the Blood Bowl. The player losing this round is not out but will go onto the Guts Bowl.

Bill Board Promotion

Each pairing will receive a billboard of their sponsor for their playing field. It is placed along the sideline covering 4 square on either side of the line of scrimmage. The wide zone in front of the bill board will have special meaning this game.

Note: You can see small pieces of tape on the board which we used to outline the area the bill board affects.

Bloodweiser Bonuses

Our game was sponsored by Bloodweiser so we had special bonuses based on their advertising. While in the billboard shadow (the wide zone in front of the bill board) we get the following abilities

  • Stuns & KO’s earn +1 SSP resulting from a block.

Game Souvenir

The winner can take home the bill board.

League Game

I went into this game willing to give up all of the bribes I had purchased earlier in the season (go back to week 2 to see that we can buy bribes for $1 and that money goes into party fund at the end of the year) and maybe with a bit of luck win and go into the final!

Sadly, that was not the case. I was crushed pretty bad. I played Mike H. who played earlier in the season. I went in to win and I did my best but the dice weren’t with me. In the end Mike beat me 1 to 0. The score isn’t too bad but the Goblin team was pretty beat up.

All is not lost. Next week I have a chance at winning the Guts Bowl and getting 3rd place. It would still be amazing to see the Goblins take 3rd.

Here is my roster.