A goblin team made it into the playoffs!?

Haha yes. My insanely good gobbo luck was with me and even though I was in dead last in the league I was selected for the wild card spot in the final 8 players – double elimination style playoffs. And my first game is against Dave M. who plays Dwarfs.


The Quarter finals have started! To promote the start of the finals; Witches, Wizards, Sorcerers, and Apprentices all get in for free! That gives them extra funds for drinking!

Wizard Support

With so many Wizards around, the sponsors are waiving the normal fees involved with hiring a wizards – both players gain the Wizard Inducement for free this match. You may not purchase a second one.

Random Evoking

With that much heretical power amuck in the stands, some mystical mayhem is bound to happen. At the beginning of each player’s drive or at any turnover, roll 2D6.

2D6 Title Description
2 Mind Swap One of the players on the team handling the ball has his mind swapped with a wizard’s familiar. This player loses all skills and starts moving randomly for this turn. Determine the player randomly. User the scatter template for each point of movement they have moving them 1 square. If this takes them into another player’s square they stand still instead. If they wander off the field, treat this as a crowd injury.
3-4 A Random Bolt A Sorcerer fan for the defending team is PO’d that his team does not have the ball and takes his aggression out in the field. He is trying to hit the player holding the ball but his aim is a bit shaky and blurred in a drunken haze. Using the scatter template 3 times (one square each) randomly determine where a Lightning Bolt strikes. Resolve the Lightning Bolt as normal.
5-9 Light Show There are a lot of fireworks going off in the sky. No effect, but the crowd is really riled up.
10-11 Drunken Blaster A wizard in the stands has had too much to drink and lets a Fireball blaze onto the pitch! He is trying to hit the player holding the ball, but his aim is a bit shaky and blurred in a drunken haze. Using the scatter template 2 times scatter the blast 1D6 square each time. Resolve the Fireball as normal.
12 Illegal Possession A bored wizard controls a random lineman from the defending team and the driving coach controls him! This occurs before any other players take actino. This player cannot use a block or foul action but will count as a teammate for the driving team for tackle zone purposes. Any action they take counts toward the team limit of actions taken however if this action fails it does not result in a turnover.

League Game

I played against a Dwarf team with Dave M. as the head coach. Dave is a great guy and is the only guy in the league with an entirely painted team (including referee and cheerleader). I did very well with my goblins this game as I was able to make one successful throw team mate touch down and I was even able to slow down the Dwarves and prevent them from scoring at all in the first half. He was able to grind me down in the second half and he scored a touchdown near the end. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to call the game early and since we are not allowed draws in the playoffs we decided to flip a coin. It appears my gobbo luck was still with me because I won my first (non practice) game. And for the frist time all season I got a doubles roll when a goblin leveled up – finally.

As usual here is my starting roster.

McGogs Cleaver
Dave used the McGog's Cleaver from week 3 against me when he pushed one of my gobbos in to the stands! Lucky for me there was no permanent damage. The Cleaver is one of my favorite props and really made the league fun.