I am interrupting the regular Blood Bowl posts for a quick update about my Deathwatch Force. I have been painting my Deathwatch force pretty regularly for the past six months but I have been stalling on my commander. Cue the Dakka Dakka Deathwatch Painting Competition and I finally had the excuse I needed to make my commander. I want to present my entry for the competition.

Deathwatch Watch Captain Amadeus of the Salamanders Chapter


Watch Captain Amadeus


Watch Captain Amadeus I was very rushed and wish I could have spent a little bit more time on him but he did come out ok. I want to give kudos to the top 3 finalists (I finished in 4th!), they all had awesome work that only dream about emulating some day. If you didn’t see them I encourage you to take a look.

As you can probably guess from his equipment I am using him as a counts-as Vulcan for my Deathwatch force. I made sure to keep the spear, cloak, and heavy flamer so as to be WYSIWYG.

More Deathwatch posts as Adepticon gets closer and closer.