Due to crazy Wisconsin weather and difficult scheduling with both opponents I wasn’t able to play the week 5 nor week 6 scenario. But I will post them here for any Blood Bowl fans looking for some ideas for their own league.

Week 5 Scenario – Frenzied Fans

Your sponsors want you to get the crowd filled to capacity. This week the sponsors are paying for a special cheerleader for your team – a mascot! This will get the crowds going. They are also sponsoring a half time show.

Mascot Statistics

  • Mascots are built as linemen journeyman with the Loner, Cheerleader, and Stand Firm skills for free, along with 120,000 of improvements.
  • Mascots are treated as players in every regard and count as part of their owners team. They do not count towards the number of players on the pitch.
  • The mascot is placed on a large base that occupies 4 regular squares.
  • The mascot can only run on the side lines half on and half off the field. Even though the Mascot occupies multiple squares it still moves one square at a time. If the ball lands in their square they may nudge it into an adjacent square.
  • Mascots may not handle the ball at any time.
  • Mascots cannot level or advance, nor may they be purchased at the end of the game.

Half Time Show

The sponsors want to get the crowd going but need time to do it. Instead of 8 turns per half the teams will have 7 turns per half. These two lost turns will be used for the half time show.

Each time mascot is placed on the line of scrimmage. All modeled cheerleaders are placed behind the mascot off the line of scrimmage. No models may start in the wide zones.

Flip a coin to see who places first. This player also takes the first turn. The teams have two turns to beat down the other squad.

During the Half time show players may earn half time points. The player with the higher half time points gets +1 fame, income and booster SPP.

Statistics for the Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders MA ST AG AV Skills
Amazon 5 2 3 6 Dodge
All Elves 6 2 3 6
Dwarf 4 2 3 7 Block
Goblin 5 2 3 6 Dodge Stunty
Human 5 2 3 7
Lizardmen 5 2 4 6 Stunty
Orc 5 3 2 6
Skaven 7 2 3 5
Undead 4 2 3 7 Regenerate

Week 6 Scenario – Dog Days

The sponsors are trying to reach more audiences and are allowing fans to bring their pets to the Game. But this ain’t no puppy bowl. Every fan is bringing their own adorable, snarling, vicious member of the family to the stadium. There is a lot of barking, biting, and comping going on!

Special Rules

Teams with players who have Wild Animal count as having +1 additional fan in the audience when determining how many fans show up for the game.

Wild Animals

At the beginning of each players turn roll 2D6.

Roll Description
2-3 Rabies! – One of the beasties runs out and bites a player! Flip a coin to determine receiving or kicking team. Roll a d12 to determine which player is bitten. The the result is higher than the number of players on the field, your opponent gets to pick which player was bitten. Roll to penetrate the player’s armor. If you do penetrate the armor the player should be placed in the reserves box. At the next drive they may come back on the field but they are infected with Rabies. They gain the following skills until the end of the game: Wild Animal, Frenzy, Claws, and Regeneration. At the end of the game the apothecaries can treat the disease but it’s painful and dangerous. Roll on the Casualty Chart to see what happens during the treatment.
4-9 Bad Dog! – A pet comes out on the field and “does his doody”. Roll a d8 to determine which corner ir runs out from. Place a pet counter in that corner space. Roll a d12 and a d8 to dertermine which direction the dogs runs. The dog cannot run off the field, if he does reroll the direction die. Leave a “doody” token in the square he stops in. No player will enter this square for the rest of the game. If a player is pushed there the token is removed and that player is covered with … you get the idea. The coach suffers a -1 to their fan factor roll at the end of the game.
10-12 Woof Woof! – Like the Ace of diamonds inducement, critters charge the field, pick up the ball, and run with it. If the ball is on the ground roll the scatter template. The ball is carried d6 squares in that direction. If that is an occupied square, roll a d6 and scatter the ball further in that same direction and continue this until the ball is in an unoccupied square or in the crowd. If the dog runs to the crowd the crowd will throw it back in play.

Well the scenarios look pretty fun too bad there were all kinds of blizzards and I was unable to play either. If you do play these let me know how they work.