Your sponsors would like to reward the players they have helped by offering them endorsement contracts. This will take them out of the current season to tour, so the Sponsors are looking to make a deal.


Buy Outs

The most expensive player or the highest level player (commissioner’s choice) on your team that received booster support is being offered the endorsement contract. The sponsors are offering the head coach the value of the player + 1d3 X 10,000 gp to remove that player from the game permanently and allow him to do promotion spots for them. This happens before the game (recalculate your team value).

Booster Support

If you chose to accept the buy out above, the spoonsors will reward your team with +1 Booster SPP for each Booster Point invested in the player you sold to them. However if you refuse the sponsors will pull their +1 Booster SPP from you this week.

League Game

As usual here is my starting roster.

Before the game started I sold my pogo stick goblin and and got a new one to replace him which didn’t work out too bad because I gave him MVP and he immediately leveled and got +1 MV.

The game this week was against Mike H., he plays a mean Human team. Mike is going for a strong human team and has an ogre, 4 blitzers and plenty of line men with block and guard. It is a pretty strong team and they were even able to take out my fanatic with a regular block. We played a good game but gobbos don’t have the best chance against a fighty Human team, in the end he beat me 2-1.