Now that games have been played, fans have come, and money has been spent, the sponsor’s would like to show their appreciation by letting you use some new products during this game. These are brand new items they have developed and they are hoping you using their products will help sell them!

Roll a d6 to see which  corporation sponsors your game: 1-3 Aerial Nikas, 4-6 McGog’s Burgers.

New Equipment

Aerial Nikas – Each coach may choose 1 type of shoes.

  • Sure Feet Cleats – Every member of your team have the Sure Feet skill.
  • Sprinter’s Grieves – Every member of your team has the Sprint skill.

In addition one player will also gain a secret weapon known as Shank Shoes. A player can put them on at the start of any drive. It grants him the Stab skill. If used, this player is removed at the end of the drive for using the not so secret weapon.

McGog’s Burgers – Each coach may choose 1 type of buffet

  • The Ultra-Mega-Super-Sized Meal – Every member of your team has the Juggernaut skill.
  • The Marrow Double-Decker Meal – Every member of your team has the Thick Skull skill.

In addition to the meal above, one player is allowed to gorge himself and gain the Stand Firm skill. Your team can ignore the typical rules for BloodLust and Always Hungry, since McGog’s has enough raw, bloody burgers to feed an army (and your lineman) in the dugout. Instead, if one of these models ever enters a space along the side lines they cannot resist grabbing a burger. Roll 1d6: 1-3 they run off the pitch for the burger and are placed in reserves; 4-6 they can play on.

Souvenir For the Fans

Aerial Nikas is giving each fan a souvenir Silly Shank and McGog’s Burgers is giving each fan a souvenir Crazy Cleaver. Getting thrown into the fans is going the be deadly! Since the fans automatically penetrate armor injury rolls caused by the crowd are increased by +2.

League Game

I played Preston who plays a straight up orc list. His roster is identical to the orcs in the box set but he was a pretty good player, especially for being the youngest player in the league (looks to be about 10). We ended up drawing 1-1, a little more luck and I could have pulled out a win but lady luck was not with me. I also might have been able to win the game if I had properly read the rules for illegal procedure.

As usual here is my starting roster.

Practice Game

I played my friend Greg, who plays Dark Elves, a few days after the league game. I think both of us were thinking that they other team isn’t too hitty and we would be able to make our teams a little stronger. Greg and I had a pretty good match, the goblins were especially violent causing 4 casualties (Out for the game, Out for next game, -1 AV,  and Death). Part of the reason that my goblins were so punchy is that I received a lot of inducement money and I was able to pick up both Scrappa Sorehead and Fungus the loon. Thefirst drive with Fungus the Loon and my Fanatic was especially devastating. The chainsaw armed goblin finally paid for himself by chainsawing Greg’s witch elf and killing her. Poor Greg.

Blood Bowl
Just when I thought the Dark Elf player would score a touchdown I was able to snatch an interception.