To save money this week, the sponsors would like you to bring your home field referee to the match. They will be on the field making calls and watching game play closely to make sure everything is fair and square. Really… fair… really!

Referee Rules

Referee Stats:

Name MA ST AG AV Skills
Referee 3 2 4 6 Bad Call!, Cowardly, Dodge, Favoritism, No Hands, Pay-Offs!, Referee, Side-Step

Cowardly – The referees do not want to get hit or be in any bad situations. And the following rules facilitate that:

  • Referees move within the turn of their home team (and are moved by the home team player)
  • They always move first on their turn
  • They will not step off the pitch, into the end zone, or leave their side of the field for any reason
  • They will not move into a player’s tackle zone for any reason; if they are in a players tackle zone they must try to move out via the shortest route
  • They will never attempt to catch, intercept, or pick up the ball
  • If the ball lands within their tackle zone or on their person they must automatically make a free move away from the ball.
  • No player may enter a referee’s tackle zones for any reason, with the exception of the Bad Call! rule. See below.

Favoritism – Follow normal rules if a referee is not close by (within 3 squares). Otherwise the referees pay close attention to the use of illegal weaponry, committing fouls, or illegal maneuvers. However they are not always fair about it.

  • Fouls – If a foul is committed within 3 squares of the referee it is automatically witnessed.
    • Home Team – The home team referee ignores the foul and the player remains, resulting in a Bad Call!
    • Opposing Team – The foul still occurs, but the player is ejected automatically
  • Secret Weapons –  If a player with a secret weapon is within 3 squares of a referee it is automatically detected.
    • Home Team – If it is the end of the drive the player with the secret weapon is not kicked out, resulting in a Bad Call!
    • Opposing Team – The player is ejected immediately instead of at the end of the drive.
  • Illegal Maneuvers – Opponents using a Re-roll within 3 squares of a referee may be called as an illegal maneuver.
    • Home Team – No effect
    • Opposing Team – Roll 1d6. If you roll a 1 the referee calls Illegal Maneuver and removes that player from the drive, place the player in reserves. This results in a Bad Call!

Bad Call! – If a referee makes a Bad Call!, during the opposing player’s next turn the players may move into the referee’s tackle zone and may declare a blitz against the referee. If the referee is knocked down, the opposing player gains +1 factor (awarded post game). If the referee is KO’d or injured the player instead gains +2 fan factor. If the referee does not hit the ground the blitzing player is removed from the game. Stunned referees cannot witness actions. Prone referees can. Pron referees can be fouled.


Bride Inducements may be bought with real cash (yes actual dollars) this week. You may buy a maximum of 3 bribes for $1. These bribes can be used at any point during the season.


Roll a d8 to determine this weeks sponsor: 1-2 Bloodweiser, 3-4 McGog’s Burgers, 5-6 Aerial Nikas, 7-8 Slannade.

  • Bloodweiser – Bloodweiser Babes at 1/2 price.
  • Slannade – Going the Extra Mile for 25K.
  • McGog’s Burgers – Orc Master Chefs are available for 25K. Use rules for the Halfling Master Chef except you only get 1 d6 roll instead of 3.
  • Aerial Nikas – Kicking Boots for 25K.


This week I played Greg W. He plays a very hard hitting Undead team. He beat me 2-1 and caused 3 casualties against me including 1 gobbo with -1 AV and two goblins which will be missing next game. But I can’t complain too much my fanatic killed a lineman (zombie?).

I received 120K in inducements and I was able to get 1 bloodweiser babe and fungus the loon. Two fanatics working together are just amazing! If I get inducement money in the future I will definitely be buying Fungus again.

Here is my pregame roster.