Hello there,

A few weeks ago I found out that my FLGS is starting a Blood Bowl league so I dusted off my trusty Goblin team and signed up. I was able to get in a few preseason games which we counted as games where a team could earn experience and money but the game will not count towards your win-loss record. After the preseason we will have a 6 week season in which we play 6 regular league games and we can also play one practice match (does not count towards win – loss record) per week.

Home Brew Rules

We are using a few home brew rules in this campaign. The one I am most excited about is the booster point. The booster point is worth one SPP and it must be given to the player on your team who has the least number of SPPs. This represents your coach and sponsors giving the inexperienced player extra training and equipment.

We are allowed to assign our MVP award to any player we choose which is really great. I hope coaches don’t abuse it and give one or two players all of the MVP awards. I like the ability to give the MVP to any player it gives you a little flexibility in how you develop your team. This way if you want to create a passing team you can give your throwers and catchers the majority of the MVP awards and they don’t get split up amongst linemen, blitzers, and dead players.

Another cool feature of this league is that we can challenge a coach we have previous played to a grudge match. From the (unfinished) rules the grudge match sounds like you can settle a tie from a previous game by playing a grudge match. You also get a bonus fan factor.

Starting Roster

I attached my starting roster. In retrospect I would drop the bomber and the pogo stick gobbo and swap them out for two regular goblins. You need those bodies on the field; you can’t be kicked out for a lame secret weapon. The chainsaw and ball & chain goblin are fantastic and I will include them in every Goblin team I build.

I wish I kept better track of my team between games, but I do have roster that shows my goblins at the end of the preseason ready for their first real game.

Preseason Record

Type of Game Result Opponent Score Cas For Cas Against Gate $$$ Highlights
Practice Win Marty (Lizardmen) 1-0 0 0 n/a 40k Only played the first half. Dead goblin.
Practice Loss Greg S (Dark Elves) 1-2 1 0 n/a 50k Lost a goblin.
Practice Loss Victor (Skaven) 1-3 0 0 23K 10K
Practice Loss Nick (Elf) 1-2 1 2 22K 60K A goblin killed an elf and for his efforts he received the MVP.