This is the third of three Kill Team battle reports. This is a game between the Deathwatch and Eldar in city scape terrain.

The Game

For Kill Team we decided that the entire board should be filled with terrain and it made for some really interesting cat and mouse games. There was a lot of looking from the models point of view to maximize his targets and restrict the number of people firing back at him.

I figured that the Deathwatch would steamroll the Eldar with their specialized ammo. But the Eldar put out an impressive amount of fire. I also should have stayed farther back; I closed to get into rapid fire range but that let the fire dragons unload on me. The fire dragon exarch killed  a marine each turn with his special crack shot rule. The Deathwatch held firm for a turn or two but in the end the succumbed to the fire dragons and the heavy weapon in the back.

Not a good day for the Deathwatch.


Next week I will start posting about the local Blood Bowl league I started playing in.