Editors Note:  This is the first post on my blog written by someone else. This post is written by Gerry who is playing Grey Knights. Jeff is playing with his Eldar.

This is the second of three battles we played using the Kill Team rules.

Kill team: Grey Knights Vs Eldar

Turn 1 and 2:

The Eldar get the first turn and use it to deploy in nice cover creating several fire lanes the Grey Knight will have to slog through.  There is a full squad of squishy guardians hidden in the far corner, far enough away that it will be very difficult to touch.  They don’t even bother coming out to fight.  They were perfectly content to sit behind cover and watch the rest of their team pick off Grey Knights one at a time. The Eldar Kill team includes a Fire Dragon exarch placed with line of sight to much of my deployment zone.  So with my deployment I get as far out of sight from that exarch as possible and bunch up my GK behind a building.  With Crack Shot and a Fire Pike, that exarch just needs line of sight and a Grey Knight dies.  So we hid from the exarch in cover and decided to brave the fire lane created by the bulk of the fire dragons and gun emplacement with guardians.  I tried to stay in cover as much as possible, hiding in trees and behind buildings until I could get close enough to strike.  I pluck off of a Fire Dragon and a guardian with storm bolter fire, but this isn’t much of a dent in the Eldar forces.

Turn 3 and 4

Unfortunately, the Eldar were prepared for my advance.  A Fire Dragon with Move through Cover popped up from the building and took out a GK before getting struck down himself.  Another fell to the massed fire from the gun emplacement.  A stray marine is out of cover and the advancing exarch gets in range and “Boom, head shot!”  Advancing forward through the trees, a marine manages to get through the fire lane and in range to wipe out the gun crew.  And a GK is close enough to the exarch to assault and take him out. On turn 4 I lose another GK to a fire dragon, and the leadership tests begin.

Turn 5 and 6:

I barely pass my leadership test in turn 5.  The GK are on borrowed time and I take down another guardian and fire dragon, but I lose two more GK and in turn 6 I fail my leadership test.  There is still another fire Dragon and 6 guardians by the time I route with 2 Grey Knights.

Wrap Up

Ouch- my elite squad of GK is no match for a marine hunting Kill Team of Eldar.  Jeff had a great tactic of hiding the majority of his guardians away so he never was below 50% and thus never had to take a leadership test.  His Fire Dragons and the scatter laser were more than capable of doing the heavy lifting and cut through my marines.  There were just too many Eldar to deal with and even with cover I was constantly rolling saves, and with my small group each marine was valuable.  But the game was great and I really enjoy Kill Team- It’s been a good excuse to get back into painting GK and it has me motivated to get more of them ready for war.