My gaming group recently decided that taking a break from the large games and focusing on smaller games would be a good idea. After some some discussion I was able to convince everyone that we should all build and paint a Kill Team and play some Kill Team games. A couple weekends ago we did just that.  The first game is…

Grey Knights VS. Deathwatch


7 Sternguard

  • heavy bolter – relentless
  • missile launcher
  • combi plasma
  • combi plasma
  • bolt pistol & chainsword – preferred enemy
  • bolter – feel no pain
  • bolter

Grey Knights

8 Grey Knights

  • feel no pain
  • furious charge
  • fleet


According to the mission specifications we placed a large amount of terrain on the table and we set up in opposite quarters.

Turns 1-2

The Grey Knights take first turn. They are cautious enough to stay in the cover but they move forward and blast the Deathwatch with their storm bolters. The storm bolters fell two Deathwatch right off the bat and I realize how awesome a 24″ assault 2 bolter is on a 3X3 board.

The Deathwatch try to maneuver in such a way that some of the Grey Knights will be unable to fire. But this does keep them out of rapid fire range.

Turn 3-4

I realize that I cannot avoid the storm bolters of the Grey Knights and that at the current rate he will win with attrition. I decide that I have to get closer to the Grey Knights and hope to rapid fire them before they cut me up in close combat. The close range hellfire rounds do very well and I shoot a couple of Grey Knights down.

There are a few combats between the Grey Knights and the Deathwatch and with a little luck I was able to take down a few Grey Knights

Turn 5-6

After some close range firefights and a few rounds of close combat I knock the Grey Knights down to 50%. According to the mission specifications they have to start taking leadership tests or route. On the next Grey Knight turn he knocks me down to 50% and I have to take tests as well. With a slightly higher leadership I have a slight edge when taking my tests, but my luck does not hold out and the Deathwatch (after hearing the ridiculous new Grey Knight rumors) decide to route from the battlefield and come back to fight another day.


A victory for Grey Knights. I have to congratulate Gerry. He used his storm bolters very effectively and he forced me into assault range. With a little better dice rolling in assault he would have finished me off. I can’t think of anything that he could have done better.

I should have known that it would have been hard to avoid the storm bolters and I should have just pushed all of my Deathwatch in his face to get a few turns of double tap bolter fire in. I had a little bit of luck fighting the Grey Knights in close combat but then my luck left me and I failed my route test.


What would a battle report be without photos.