I finished my first Deathwatch Squad and here there are in all their glory.


It sure it nice to finish a squad I started over two months ago! I can’t believe how long these guys took me, but looking at the minis I am glad that I took my time;  I think that the Deathwatch came out really well. I like the striking black and red paint scheme throughout the squad as well as the unique bright shoulder pads on individual models. The small conversions also make the Deathwatch look a little more elite than the standard marine especially the running legs from the assault marine box.  Those legs make them much more aggressive and dynamic.

As always there are things that weren’t done particularly well, the top of the Lamenters checkered shoulder pad look s a little wonky and the black highlights on the vary from squad member to squad member, but I will just have to keep those things in mind for the next squad I do.

For my next squad I am planning on making it a more shooty squad, probably a few kneeling guys with bolters which would give covering fire to the running squad.

Squad Members:

  • Black Templar
  • Blood Angel
  • Celestial Lion
  • Dark Angel (an Apothecary that I use in the Deathwatch RPG)
  • Exorcist
  • Howling Griffon
  • Lamenters
  • Space Wolf
  • Soul Drinker
  • Ultramarines

Paint Schemes:

  • Dark Angel
    • Orkhide Shade
    • Snot Green
  • Celestial Lions
    • Mordian Blue
    • Enchanted Blue
    • Ice Blue
  • Skin Tone / Dark Leather
    • Calthan Brown
    • Tallarn Flesh
  • Soul Drinkers
    • Liche Purple