Alright I have a battle report for you. After the big apoc game we thought it would be a good idea to go back to the roots of the game and play a small game. We decided to bring 750 point lists and by chance both Gerry and myself brought Necrons. Lucky for us there are still differences to squabble over.

Usually it is pretty self explanatory which general is playing which army but in this case I will clarify. I am playing with the classic Necron models that have the red paint scheme; Gerry is playing with the nice shiny new Necrons.

Army Lists

My Necron list was pretty simple. I had some points left over so I figured I would take the nightmare shroud. Little good it did me playing against a LD 10 army.

  • 10 warriors
  • 10 warriors
  • 5 destroyers
  • 1 lord
    • war scythe
    • nightmare shroud

Gerry also used a pretty simple list

  • 10 warriors
  • 10 warriors
  • 10 scarabs
  • 8 immortals
  • 1 wraith
  • 1 lord
    • veil of darkness

Battle Report



Turns 1 – 2

Gerry went first and moved his scarabs directly towards my line. He veiled his immortal squad with his lord and gunned down a few of my Necron warriors. I responded by moving up a squad of warriors to gun down the scarabs and moving the squad of destroyers to shoot at the immortals. I don’t know if it was the right decision but I figured that I would be better off assaulting the immortals rather than letting them shoot at me (with much better guns) all game. So I took my lord and a warrior squad and with pretty lucky assault that I managed to tie them.

In the next turn Gerry surprised me and instead of assaulting my Necron warriors with the scarabs he assaulted the destroyers.  Luck was not with Gerry and he did not win assault. I was able to bring my warriors in next turn and finish off the scarabs in assault. The warriors and the immortals continued to fight and the wraith joined in. With some above average rolls I was able to tie the assault again.

Necron ScarabsNecron DestroyersNecrons Fighting

Turns 3 – 4

The large combat between my warriors and Gerry’s immortals continued. Gerry’s warriors started creeping towards my objective and my destroyers moved to shoot down the warriors holding Gerry’s objective.

Necron WarriorsNecrons Fighting

Turns 5 – 6

The large combat between the warriors and immortals continued both sides barely managing to dent each other. Eventually Gerry’s side started looking like it was going to win. And if my memory serves I think on the last turn he was able to finish off my warriors and lord.

I realized that there is no way that I can move Gerry’s warriors off of his objective so I focus on killing the 10 warriors that are marching towards my objective. On the last turn I was lucky enough to break them in assault and even though they were within 3″ of the objective they were fleeing and were removed from the game. Pfew.


Wrap Up

Well I barely managed a tie. Good job Gerry you almost had it. I don’t think I did anything terribly wrong. I think that engaging the warriors with the immortals was the right choice. It saved me from being shot by their ridiculous firepower for the rest of the game. Of course had Gerry’s rolled a little better he could have over run my unit and I would have been down a warrior squad and a lord and then he would have continued to pound me with the destroyer guns.

All in all excellent job Gerry. I will have to think of some better ways to kill all of those immortals.