I completed the first three Deathwatch test minis. I completed a Blood Angel, a Black Templar, and a Space Wolf.

I worked on the bases a little bit by adding some static grass. The browns turned out too similar so for future bases I will add more contrast to the bases. I also worked on the black armor. I didn’t like how drastic the highlight was in the first test model so I added more of the middle grey color (Fenris Grey). I also had to paint flesh and eyes. These are the first eyes I have ever painted that didn’t turn out like googly eyes.

For flesh I use:  Calthan Brown -> Tallarn Flesh -> 50% Tallarn Flesh + 50% bleached bone.

I also played in a 15,000 pt apocalypse battle this weekend: Eldar Vs. Space Marines. I will post some pictures from that in the near future.