Hello there,

I have been working on a few deathwatch test models: a Blood Angel, Space Wolf, and a Black Templar. Here is the first of the test models (a Blood Angel in case you can’t tell). I think the red and white colors from the Blood Angel heraldry contrast well with the black and silver of the Deathwatch. I wanted to work more with highlights and challenge myself to not use washes or drybrushing; this is quite the challenge since the last army I painted, my Nurgle Daemon Army, is practically all washes and dry brushing.

Deathwatch Marine

The paint scheme is as follows:

  • Black – Black Primer -> Chaos Black -> Fenris Grey -> Space Wolf Grey
  • Silver – Boltgun Metal -> Mithril Silver
  • Red – Mechrite Red -> Blood Red
    • I also added a small drop of orange on the shoulder pad
  • White – Fenris Grey -> Space Wolf Grey -> Skull White
  • Parchment – Iyanden Darksun -> Bleached Bone
  • Rope – Calthan Brown -> Iyanden Darksun
  • Gold Accents – Iyanden Darksun -> Dwarf Bronze

I like the paint scheme. One area I know I can work on is the black armor. There is too much contrast. I like the bright highlight, but I need more of the middle color (Fenris Grey). I think the white colors look really great, and the rope and parchment turned out pretty well. Should I do the little scribbles on the parchment?

The base isn’t finished, I expect to do my usual basing technique which is various browns drybrushed followed by static grass and then a leaf or two.

Deathwatch MarineDeathwatch MarineDeathwatch MarineDeathwatch Marine